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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 15:41

Falcon, was Information Tourism Leaders

Falcon, was Information Tourism Leaders
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Fatma Şahin, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor , the star hotels in the city and travel agents meeting with managers of tourism did.

Gaziantep news:
Metropolitan Municipality Assembly Hall during a meeting , tourism representatives a presentation in the presence of 8-month study describing the Falcon, \"We are with you today, the city's tourism potential of how higher, we can draw . Tourism of pie in this city and the first representatives more how yararlanabilirsi your subjects to evaluate the we want . you also contributes to occur with a nice report will come I hope , \"he said .
Karkamış ancient city most valuable tourism basin that the emphasis on Falcon, \"this Japanese prince I member of parliament come and tell us that the place was . Indeed, the whole world historians and archaeologists here too will care . Hittite civilization, all samples had here . in 1930, I think Mustafa Kemal Atatürk from 35 works of Anatolian civilizations Museum brings. Şuanda Museum of Anatolian Civilizations and the most beautiful part of the most special place . those black Pistachio has a fabulous collection of puzzle games , and our stone here is a collection belonging to the earth . Thousands of them lies below it . Because of this land is covered with a kind of life of mine has been published . First we have to clear mines . Then we have a deal with the Italians . There are about 100 near the excavation work at home . Municipality as well as we are doing the excavation house . What to do about it if it is requested as soon as we do. This potentially life let and better than it's use we want, \"he said.
Zeugma Mosaic Museum and the excavation area constantly on the agenda should hold stated that Fatma Şahin ,\"especially within itself the Euphrates , as the museum here constantly on the agenda holding a center of attraction we need to continue to be . And the hidden treasures of this mosaic we call here the beauty of Rumkale better work we need to do to implement .
Duluk ancient city had a study done by the Germans on . How can we accelerate further our cultural advisor that he talked. In the coming days it with a visit to these issues to the table again invested in urban restoration operations as soon finish and acceleration on whom how fast we can make it work we are in , \"he said .
The monuments , as well as Gaziantep Castle around 4 kilometers culture path most beautiful work is one of the transfer Falcon, Ottoman , Seljuk, Rome, Hittite, civilization works of Gaziantep seen said.
Tourist Arrivals in the city have to keep
Mr. neighborhood a serious waste of labor , indicating that Falcon, the region's more better that you should use and improve the functioning suggested .
Museum in Gaziantep museum city rankings enters explaining Falcon, it enough to see that and make it even better how we can increase the work they do , he said.
religious tourism on the Prophet. Ökkeşiye and the Prophet. Joshua Tomb of environmental regulation , they said that the Falcon, the city's religious tourism better should be used , he said.
Hışv Han restoration has been completed and is now the biggest Gaziantep inn serves as a ready state came to the transfer Sahin, here you come to the city to tourists stated that they plan to assess the direction of accommodation . For tourists staying local need for increased attention Sahin, \"Castle on the front Hışv to the inn was very nice . Kentia come to our tourists, we in this city need to keep . These terms here a historical atmosphere and combine the beautiful weather we have to . Now that the work we do. On the other hand , old courthouse restored would like . 8 month restoration ends. place a culture and arts center would like to convert . Again, living and accommodating , the tourists coming here will benefit , but also the historical texture also creating a beautiful venue we want to prepare \"made ​​the assessment .
later, the participants listened to the suggestions and demands , Şahin said they would evaluate these proposals .


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