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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 13:41

Falling Famous flamenco Kurbağalıdere'nin Search Work in Progress

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Is located in Kadikoy Kurbağalıdere'nin falling from boat to another boat passing of the major representatives in Turkey Mehmet flamenco music of sublime Afshar (74) exploration work continues on the third day .

In Kadikoy where the boat another boat passes Kurbağalıdere'nin falling flamenco music in Turkey of the important representatives Mehmet sublime Afshar of (74) exploration work on the third day continues.
Flamenco music of the major representatives Mehmet sublime Afshar , Friday night, where from the vessel to another vessel had fallen while trying to Kurbağalıdere'nin . To find Afshar launched search is being continued on the third day to work . By marine police and search and rescue teams locate in the studies conducted after using sonar detected the search is done by divers places . Kurbağalıdere'nin be blurred complicates the search efforts . Search efforts following Mehmet sublime Afshar's brother Cataclysm Afshar , \"I my brother fell he ran , but the water was blurry did not appear. Jumped I could not find anything . Outcomes I took a breath , then dive again, I still could not find anything . Boats around , right, look to your left have suddenly disappeared. I estimate I'm talking probably fell head shot . heart attack'll say , but was very healthy . itself , overlooking a non-smoker , engaging in sports was one . search efforts continue . 1999 earthquake with the Lady lost his daughter , an error has taken hold , \"he said .

Falling Famous flamenco Kurbağalıdere'nin Search Work in Progress" comments for.


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