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  • 30 Temmuz 2014, Çarşamba 15:49

Family Assistance Expects burning house

Family Assistance Expects burning house
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In the town of Sanliurfa Hilver families were left homeless as a result of the fire .

Şanlıurfa news: In the town of Sanliurfa Hilver families were left homeless as a result of the fire .
According to reports , the county's Bonding electrical contacts in the neighborhood to come from the estimated result of a fire in the house was reduced to ashes . Ceylan same living at home , along with three children were left homeless. Ceylan seeking help from charitable same , since their house burned out on the street , he said. A benefactor has given life at home as they continue to express Ceylan, municipal officials had met with but get a result the court said.
House on fire since the day of its neighbors that they were indicating Ceylan, \"about 1 week ago electrical contacts because of the current home burned , wherein the furniture and ash was . Mayor met with my result I did not get . Governor met with when Governor said to me, after Eid and take care to take care of it do not . Few days neighbors , in relatives staying at . house we burned since us extend a helping hand yet . Posting calling . Halimi you can see I am located home burned , burned belongings , everything burned down. My wife took me three children went head left . Philanthropy want them to extend their helping hand , \"he said .

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