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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 10:30

Family Hope Cuts , Police Locate Missing Young Brought

Family Hope Cuts , Police Locate Missing Young Brought
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Adana lost about 2 months ago from the family of a person with disabilities \"died\"when he lost faith in Marmaris police found the young from pharmacy records .

Adana news:
According to information obtained , the nature of mental retardation reported that K Stars (24) in the Çukurova district on 24 August 2014 after leaving their homes did not return any more . The family was referred to the police . Depending on the Adana Security Directorate Public Security Branch Bureau of Missing Persons teams, youth was spent working hard to find . However, despite all calls made somehow found the young . Meanwhile nearly two months after passing his brother Old Stars brother was killed somewhere discarded began to think .
pharmacy Receive PLACE DETERMINED
full of hopes were cut in Stars at the place where sick were hospitalized . Stars go to the pharmacy after inspection took drugs . The police Marmaris district of Muğla in pharmacy from the Star's live ölmeyip therefore determined that the drug had received . Police plane immediately went to the pharmacy going to Marmaris received the drug . Here, in an interview with Stars of the pill had received a wrecker .
Marmaris'< strong> SINGLE VISIT ALL Wrecker was
The police Stars wrecker how to reach there in Marmaris started to visit them individually . Results of studies conducted in the Stars , the police found 10 scrap dealers . Junkman HA , Nature K Stars about 2 months ago came to him that he can not express this reason that the side to take care of him that no one come and call , said:\"Yesterday evening illness, her doctor took medicine I took . Her own child looked like ,\"he said .
the police wrecker young in Adana sitting mental retardation because it is out of the house after being lost again to return home saying that Star of the wrecker picked up from . Police Stars brought to his family in Adana . Brother from the police to take delivery emotional moments living brother Old Stars, \"We no longer sibling had given up hope . Its right there that probably did not give . But you us two months later our brother unharmed deliver Did you thank you very much . Allah police officers in our heads perpetuate ,\"he said . < br/> Nature K Stars at home, after exiting a bus ride from the bus station in Muğla Marmaris went from there , where he met with scrap dealers and learned that constantly stayed there .

Family Hope Cuts , Police Locate Missing Young Brought" comments for.


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