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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 13:04

Family Relief'll be waiting Gets Its Day

Family Relief'll be waiting Gets Its Day
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In Izmir, the report found 96 percent disabled and paralyzed from the neck down and put into prison as a 31-year-old single Turgut was removed to leave the house .

İzmir news: When brought into the family and 14 on Friday, November which will be again one day in prison Singles , then will be released. Photo is spent paralyzed from the neck in a traffic accident in İzmir and so found 96 people with disabilities report the 31-year-old Turgut Single, due to a fight involving before the accident 1.5-year sentence because he was put into prison . After the incident, while holding hands and legs painful Turgut Singles Singles Neziha mother asked for help from the authorities. The authorities remain indifferent to the cries of sorrowful mother was referred to the State Hospital for the young Menemen Foca prison . Prison conditions remain due to lack of proper permission from the young to the house removed Menemen State Hospital , where legal penalties for his 14 expires Friday, November and reports from the Forensic Medicine Institute will be coming back to prison . November 17 Monday Singles will be held at discharge . Photo PRISON from HOSPITAL DELIVERY WAS Turgut living in Photo Izmir Karsiyaka district Singles , traffic along with two friends in Sewn in October 2012. I spent the accident. Friends of the scored a mild nuisance, accidents , remained bedridden due Turgut blows to his spinal cord. Trying to survive with the help of family Turgut single family home was destroyed in a news from safety . Due fight involving his friends a year before the accident itself on trial and not aware of it allegedly Turgut Singles 1.5 years Single by upheld by the Supreme Court of imprisonment , despite being 96 percent disabled report could not escape from entering the prison. After her mother's Singles event into prison lap of his friends asked for help from the authorities. Authorities remain silent wailing of his mother , from Foca prison Singles Turgut has shipped Menemen State Hospital. Singles then removed to leave the house . 31 year old Single, waiting to be evacuated days.

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