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  • 04 Aralık 2013, Çarşamba 09:24

Famous Italian Piano Virtuoso Roberto Cacciapaglia coming to Istanbul

Famous Italian Piano Virtuoso Roberto Cacciapaglia coming to Istanbul
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By listeners"button ancestors in the heart of the great masters of the piano is defined as"Roberto Cacciapaglia, is coming to Istanbul in the coming days.

İstanbul news: Listeners by the"Heart of piano keys, the ancestors of the great masters is defined as"Roberto Cacciapaglia, in the coming days is coming to Istanbul.
The classic mold of music outside the new approaches in working on the world-renowned piano virtuoso Roberto Cacciapaglia, experiences the youth generation to share is coming to Istanbul .
Istanbul Technical University Turkish Music State Conservatory and the Golden Horn at the Conservatory of the University"Improvised Music Workshop"by performing the music man who will give seminars from 0.17 to 20 will be in Istanbul in December.
Prof. Dr.. Sprinkled Murtezaoğlu and Neslihan Yılmazel Lorio organized by the Improvised Music Workshop at the Cacciapaglio in classical fiddle Hatice Dogan Joy, bittern career Gürkan Lighter, fretless guitar Sinan Cem Eroğlu will accompany him.
Born in Milan Roberto Cacciapaglia, classical music and electronic music, unique harmony that combines composing and interpretations are known.
for many years mystical music and dance who has done research Cacciapaglia, while researching met Sufism fed from the music with the listeners rapt is.
in Turin, a researcher with the operation of the subject Roberto Cacciapaglia 's music in his"stable mobilized in an environment where energy intensive camps, the same effect is also observed in the human body", was demonstrated by the infrared camera.

Famous Italian Piano Virtuoso Roberto Cacciapaglia coming to Istanbul" comments for.


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