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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 12:57

Famous Writers Award Flame Alatlı does not Doy

Famous Writers Award Flame Alatlı does not Doy
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On December 25, 2012 BEA Rector

Zonguldak news: Dr. Mahmur Honorary Doctorate Payer ceremony held by Özer given Flame Alatlı doymuyor awards. Photo December 7, 2012 dated Bulent Ecevit University Senate \"Economics , Statistics and side of specialization and work in econometrics area as well as literature, politics , religion , history and thought insight into our world , discourse and works with higher education, vocational training, science , and therefore contribute to the universal nature of humanity \"Flame ALATLI Honorary Doctorate granting Payer was resolved by consensus. With a ceremony on December 25 , 2012 The pier in Zonguldak Bulent Ecevit University Rector Dr. Mahmut Ozer hand from the field Alatlı has lived moments full of emotion . In an interview with the
Recently, he wrote books and attended the gathering attention with interviews with famous writers Flame ALATLI an award came from the Presidency . October 29, 2014 date of the presidential public by a written statement from the Presidential Culture and Arts Grand Prize was awarded to one of four names was Alatlı flame . Hurricane Honorary Secretary General of the Presidency , Presidential Deputy Secretary General Prof. Ibrahim Kalin , Chief Advisor to the President , Prof. Dr. Mustafa Isen , President Adviser Dr. Barkç war , the President Adviser Aydin Unal, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Dr. Haluk Dursun and Yunus Emre Cultural Foundation Chairman Prof. Dr. Develi Review Board on a proposal from occurring , the 2014 Presidential Culture and Arts Grand Award of the Turkish literature in the field of literature and his outstanding contributions to the development was deemed suitable to Alatlı flame . As we celebrate the centenary outside the ALATLI because of the great contribution he made to the Turkish cinema cinematography Hülya Koçyiğit a long artistic life during the Classical Turkish Music and the Music area because of the great contribution he made to Sufi Music Niyazi number , Abdulhamid era and the first years of that valuable work of the Republic Dear Professor in the area to date Dr. Engine Akarlilar has deemed suitable to Islam first and most comprehensive Islamic sciences in the world to be prepared in science encyclopedia and Turkey due to the successful work of the Institution category Religious Foundation of Turkey in the world to offer the prize to the Encyclopaedia of Islam . In 1944 was born in Izmir. Began his primary education in Ankara , due to his father's profession , he completed his country's various schools . After secondary school will also be sent to Tokyo as the father of ateşemilit launched the Flame ALATLI the Tokyo adventure. He graduated from high school at the American College. Then they returned to Turkey and the Middle East Technical University Alatlı University of Economics and Statistics section entry . After graduating from university, he went to America to graduate . Then he gave on his doctorate of Philosophy . When this period Alatlı on Intellectual History and Theology began to return to Turkey, he conducted research interest for 5 years. Istanbul University and worked in the SPO during this period. Then Universty of California, Berkeley took the Istanbul leg of a psycho-linguistics projects carried out in Turkey. In common with the Republic Newspaper \"Our İngilizce \"called, had a Turkish-based English teaching magazine. YAZKO authors took part in the cooperative. To do a job he always wanted to do was taken home in 1984 and began writing . Write 27 Alatlı recent book signing books throughout the life of the \"White Turks have stopped talking, \"and had managed to attention once more to draw on . The famous writer and thinker Flame Alatlı , 2012. Bulent Ecevit University Senate in December was awarded with an Honorary Doctorate of Payer .

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