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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 11:47

\"Farabi Symposium \"Meeting

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Eskişehir 2013 Turkish World Capital of Culture will be held in the framework of activities \"Farabi Symposium\"before Istanbul was held introductory meetings at Bahcesehir University , symposium , which will be the first time on the occasion of \"Turkish World Culture of Life Service Awards\"were presented to the owners .

Eskişehir news: Photo of the introduction program ; Governor Azim Tuna Güngör , former State Minister Prof. Dr. Mehmet Aydin , Bahcesehir University Rector Dr. Senay Yalcin, Vatican Ambassador Prof. Dr. Kenan Gursoy , Prime Consultant Prof. Dr. Karlığa Bakr , Vatican Ambassador Prof. Dr. Kenan Gursoy , the press, and was attended by many guests. Photo Eskisehir Governor speaking at the meeting Danube , \"all hearts in the Turkish world with the same enthusiasm , the same tempo and a love of the city taken in the same city , we came to salute full and hearts from Eskisehir \", saying in 2013 spoke of the activities carried out in Eskisehir. Governor of the Danube , his speech continued by saying:Photo \"Malumuâl you Eskisehir, both Turkish world with a double capital joy in 2013 Capital of Culture has taken both the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Capital title. Carried out in different areas and disciplines over 400-mostly international-to lay the groundwork event to common sense to develop , and many students include the more than 10 thousand , including from the Turkish world travels with and our beautiful city 50 has brought to the silhouette of Eskisehir permanent artifact in Eskisehir, Capital of Culture has been the name aptly up . Culture is targeting the Capital \"Turkish world cultural interaction \"are provided with a wide range of activities . \"in language , the idea , that unity\"of this cultural interaction on the intellectual level for our ideal of the Turkish world of relationships is a fact can not be ignored will move forward. in the sequel this is our perseverance and effort, our civilization philosophical foundations of the ancestors of Farabi's an international symposium the agenda has a special significance for us. Root our hearts and we produce faithful to our civilization apart from all of our projects hearts civilization with this symposium , the philosophical dimension of Farabi person , integral as will be discussed. \"Photo also this symposium on the occasion of \"Turkish World Culture of Life Service Awards \"today will be your peace. Will be the first time the \"Turkish World Culture of Life Service Awards\"what our country Farabi Mr. due to their contributions to the philosophy of Prof. Dr. Mehmet Aydın , Hon Mr Partridge and Mr. Prof. Dr. Mübahat Turkey is Küyel worthy were seen. congratulate them , I extend my gratitude . \"Photo speech Governor Says Thank You to end labor last of the Danube , \"Eskisehir Governor and Eskişehir as Agency of the Turkish World Capital of Culture, which union of hearts us the Alliance of Civilizations Turkey Coordinating Board to , Bahcesehir University Civilization Studies Center ( medaka I )'what , Eskişehir Thank Osmangazi University and Anadolu University , wishes to be instrumental to the charity's work , I offer my love and respect , \"he said.
Prime Consultant and Head of the UN Alliance of Civilizations Coordination Committee Dr. Bekir Karlığa in his speech , civilization will be told when it is said that the very mention but produced the idea of civilization and civilization of the number of found philosophers contributed to the idea stating that so much, said:Photo \"Farabi a pioneer of the universal idea that humanity's common heritage as name, Turkey and a major figure in the Islamic world. Central Asian Turkish world, Islam and has sent two pioneers representatives of humanity in this context. Farabi in philosophy is one of them. alliance of Civilizations project is a global human project . Turkey, civilization in the alliance project has made great strides . we have established the Alliance of Civilizations as well as a Civilization Studies Center Institute . There are giving training in 4 languages. \"After the Photo speaking, because of the contribution they make to Farabi philosophy , Prof. Dr. Mr Partridge, Professor Dr. Mübahat Turkey is Küyel and former State Minister Prof. Dr. Mehmet Aydin , \"Turkish World Culture of Life Service Awards\", the Governor Azim Tuna Güngör , Bahcesehir University Rector Dr. Senay Yalcin and Prime Consultant Prof. Dr. Bakr was given by Karlığa .
Symposium will be held between 13-15 November at Eskisehir Osmangazi University , Turkey, and will join 40 scientists from different countries.


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