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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 10:34

Farewell to Director of Food they Edit

Farewell to Director of Food they Edit
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Saray district of Tekirdağ Manager of Food Agriculture and Livestock long farewell dinner was organized by employees for Demirbağ Recep continue for many years.

Tekirdağ news: Photo Cerkezkoy food by the Agriculture and Livestock Department , who served 19 years in the district and subsequent career to Cover Food, Agriculture and who will continue in the Animal Husbandry Department of Finance District Manager Recep was held a farewell dinner to Demirbağ honor. Photo Cerkezkoy Governor Text Kublai , who served nearly 20 years in the county Recep wished success in Demirbağ a new task , \"is 19 years too long for human life. our manager , tenure has witnessed many phases of our district throughout . it was the beginning of the task better or worse . harmony with other institutions and organizations he worked in . during my tenure in Çerkezköy , not your own business alone our principal , has been contributed to many services in the district . we should try to be more beneficial to our district have together in the next process , \"he said . of the issues of most importance as a Photo prefect one also'food'issue saying that Kublai , \"Reliable food consumption is a human right . our food, Agriculture and Livestock Directorate for it will continue thereafter on a tight operation as hitherto \"the statement record .
his career in 1988 Rexhepi said the pain began Demirbağ, \"I worked in Samsun in 1990-1994 years. In 1994, until today, I Çerkezköy'd . I do not understand how time has passed . Was particularly serious work in all areas , notably food served our District Office in conjunction with the arrival of our Governor . Our institution serving up in the countryside yesterday , has now become acts also in the city center . This is not a farewell dinner . Because I'm not going with another. We will continue to be with you , \"he said . Speaking after the
Food Cerkezkoy District of Food , Agriculture and Livestock , the new Director of Jesus Altai, \"As an institution , for our manager , we want to edit this program as the equivalent of 20 years of labor. I work in this institution for 11 years. I have not seen so far from the offices once you get it. Because every time a brother of one staff approached as a friend. This is a relay race . I move in the best way this flag from my manager , I will deliver me next friend when the time comes , \"he said . Photo by speeches, then Governor Text Kublai Recep Demirbağ the meaning of the day and was given a plaque on the importance .

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