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  • 17 Ağustos 2013, Cumartesi 16:22

Farmer explained 'Field School Project'

Farmer explained 'Field School Project'
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Antalya's Manavgat district, Directorate for Food, Agriculture and Livestock, wandering from village to village farmers launched Project Field School offers hands-on training.

Field School Project, the first to realize the village of Manavgat District of Food, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Department Pavilions agronomists, farmers under good agricultural practice information from A to Z is raising a healthy and quality products.

project farmers, the soil seed rate towards the greenhouse vegetable seedlings planting, hoeing and spraying healthy, proper and healthy fruit pruning, fertilization, implantation and fruit collection showing on-site hands-on. Birol Title Director of Food, Agriculture and Livestock

Tuncel, Field School Project, qualified and healthy farming village of Manavgat, 78 showing the information at the application, he said. Field School and hearsay is wrong, wrong and wrong agricultural practices averted indicating Tuncel know, that either the energy, effort and noted that averted a waste of time. Manavgat, climate, geography and soil structure, indicating that the maintenance of suitable qualified and competent to cultivate agricultural products Tuncel,"part of the project to farmers, soil seed rate towards the greenhouse vegetable seedlings planting, hoeing the right, healthy, spraying, pruning, proper and healthy fruits, fruit grafting the soil structure of the fruit and vegetable cultivation, post-harvest fruit gathering spot possible errors so that the front of the passing görterdiklerini. Manavgat rich soil structure, olives, grapes, grapes, nara, nardan oranges, lemons oranges, lemons thirst grows all kinds of vegetables and fruits. Field School showing parts with good quality and skilled agricultural practice."he said.

Manavgat Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MATSO) President Ahmet Boztaş, tourism, tourism in the city due to the implementation of good agricultural wealth of the most important element supporting the expansion of agriculture should be noted that greenhouse. Manavgat greenhouse fruit and vegetable production, indicating that the rate of 2 percent Boztaş, tourism revenues this year to 10 per cent from the case of the 3.5 billion in tourism revenue in the greenhouse can be achieved in agriculture, he said.

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