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  • 01 Kasım 2013, Cuma 09:13

Faruk Dogan Alpaslan return visit to the Governor

Faruk Dogan Alpaslan return visit to the Governor
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Van Governor Aydin Nezih Dogan, Union of Chambers of Tradesmen and Craftsmen (also ESOB) Chairman Faruk Alpaslan return visit.

Van news: Decree of the Governors appointed as the Governor of Konya, Van
Last Aydin Nezih Dogan, began to return visits. Find Rooms Business Center ESOB'a the Governor Doğan, Faruk Alpaslan and Recharging greeted by members of the board of directors. Governor Dogan, providing information on union Alpaslan, that there were about 30 thousand members of the family of artisans and craftsmen. No one's political opinion, vote who are working to serve everyone equally, regardless of whether a Alpaslan the law due to lack of deterrence and control up and down the shopkeeper told me that so indifferent registered trades.
Governor Dogan, everyone's property stating that such institutions, also stressed the need to go to the service on an equal basis. With greater resources would increase in kavuşmasıyla underlines the status of Van Governor Dogan,"Artisans in the morning looks at workplace trade leads. Hangovers goes home. Asked if the Party does not want to answer. Because herkesimdeki people to sell goods or provide services. Craftsmen, no one hurt the economy even if the governor does not want to give,'' he said.
quite an intimate setting behind the visit, Governor Dogan, a souvenir photo with the members of the board of directors çektirdikten Alpaslan and left soon after.

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