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  • 22 Temmuz 2014, Salı 12:40

Fasting is prescribed to heart patients

Fasting is prescribed to heart patients
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Heart Medical Park Antalya Hospital Director Professor .

Antalya news: Heart Medical Park Antalya Hospital Director Professor . Dr. . Hussein Okudan, heart patients are more likely to be affected by the heat , he said.
Heart Medical Park Antalya Hospital Director Professor . Dr. . Hussein read it , \"the human body temperature of 36-37 degrees. Temperature increase if the body itself starts cooling . Cooling operation first mechanism is sweating . Second mechanism of blood vessels is an expansion . Perspiration as a result of fluid loss and blood vessel expansion in the results of blood pressure, decreased heart rate and increases. these changes that occur in heart patients a delicate balance that heart health by disrupting the important can cause problems , \"he said .
month of Ramadan, because the water is more or less drinking to heart health about the impact of disclosure contained in Prof. Dr. . I read , \"The month of Ramadan fasting residence time from 17 to 18 hours to be as well as the weather summer months due to being warm in the body fluid loss leads . Fasting keeps the water at drinking as a result of certain difficulties arise. The body's fluid and electrolyte imbalance , especially the kidneys , including affect the heart and circulatory system . blood pressure, dizziness, weakness, loss of consciousness can be seen in more advanced cases , \"he said . Especially with the diagnosis and treatment of coronary artery disease patients did not , because of the risk of heart attack , adding that fasting is not appropriate Professor. Dr. . I read , \"The First of these patients balloon-stent or bypass surgery must be completed. Additionally, advanced heart failure with diseases , significant heart valve disease , severe rhythm disorders in patients with fasting is not recommended. But if heart patients with appropriate treatment are under control , fasting can consult with a doctor , \"he said . On the effects of fasting on heart health in statements Prof. Dr. . Okudan, said:
\"Fasting of the heart disease is not a human heart in terms of a well-known there is no harm . Fasting of the heart in patients may have adverse effects . These cases , more than not fasting required in people is seen . Especially during the summer months due to hot weather fluids in the body needs is increased, the less fluid intake, blood viscosity becomes difficult leads to . this is a clot formation and subsequent heart attack or stroke can lead to . \"
Iftar improper eating habits and smoking cause a heart attack may be the first Professor . Dr. . I read , \"The heart failure patients with fluid imbalance rhythm disorders can cause . Renal failure in patients with worsening can be observed. Receive adequate treatment in patients with high blood pressure attacks develop. High-dose blood pressure medication in people who fasted during the blood pressure drop attacks and fainting swings may develop. Sugar patients, complaints and fainting may occur due to low sugar , \"he said .

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