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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 30 Eylül 2014, Salı 13:44

Fat Nuri Cem Yılmaz'c Output

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In Turkish cinema'Fat Nuri , known as a veteran Sıtkı Sezgin, funny competition between celebrities Cem Yılmaz said a little more heavy bass .

Amasya news:
Samsun Metropolitan Municipality placed by the nursing home where life carry on in the surrounding provinces schools go to the theater scene in the area of 64-year-old Sezgin, funny celebrities Cem Yilmaz , Yilmaz Erdogan , Horse Iron and Sahan Gökbakar films and advertisements also enjoy said.
New in movies and TV series role reiterated his willingness to 100 pounds in weight Fat Nuri , \"Cem Yilmaz's council positions are available. Proposals even if of course I play . played all movies, all his ads are beautiful. I love him but I hope we will say . Regardless , why should not I go ? ancestors Demir , Yilmaz Erdogan also very nice. each other of equal value , but Cem Yilmaz slightly outweighs . Type as , in character , \"he said .
last year to play a role call of his Valley of the Wolves of the producers had hoped the response can not find , but financial support reminiscent of the Sezgin, \"Action film , so forgive us Nuri brother'they said. role does not fall to me. so they say. Writer to write to me, you also get a role . He's impossible , \"he said .
Aprons wear at her schools the teachers themselves with students mixing glad the veteran players , friends, retired teacher Mustafa Bıdıl and theater Fuat Wish Amasya Zübeyde Hanım the Three Primary School took the stage to students provided enjoyment .

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