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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 20:59

Fatal Accident Caught While escaping to Mingled

Fatal Accident Caught While escaping to Mingled
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Vehicle drivers involved in a fatal accident in Samsun result pursuit of fleeing police was arrested.

Samsun news: Photo incident occurred in Samsun Terme district . According to information obtained , let alone go to Trabzon, Sivas A. Kumar (39) 58 NY 192 while cruising with plate closed box van , wanting to cross the road on foot in Terme exit of the town was hit by 2 people . One desired to be removed to hospital by ambulance were injured in the accident died on the way . The other wounded were being treated at the State Hospital Terme . Photo Dursun Kaya C. fled from the scene. After the accident, let alone give up escaping to go to Ankara to Trabzon O. Kaya front plate of the vehicle fell accident site . Samsun Terme police fleeing car's license plate was reported to the Police Department News Center . Plate all teams were announced on the radio . Fleeing vehicle , Kirazlık Tekkeköy District by District Police Department teams were noticed on Atatürk Boulevard . Tekkeköy police road vehicles stopping at a red light waiting to shut off the escape direction by Dursun Kaya O.'T caught with the tool. The driver was taken into custody after the accident was very afraid , it was learned that he said escaped off to go to his family in New Jersey. Photo Samsun Police Department Crime Scene Investigation Branch teams, made ​​observations in the vehicle caused property damage before the accident . Investigation into the accident continues .

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