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  • 20 Eylül 2014, Cumartesi 15:09

Fate Brought the second time they

Fate Brought the second time they
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Born and raised in the same neighborhood in Izmir , falling in love with each other in middle school Basaran Malik (43 ) and the vital trust (43) were separated under pressure from their families when they finish high school .

İzmir news: Born and raised in the same neighborhood in Izmir , falling in love with each other in middle school Basaran Malik (43 ) and the vital trust (43) were separated under pressure from their families when they finish high school . Who get married , they do not see each other for many years as the news of the fate of ex-lover who can not get divorced after 22 years , as people gathered together to have children . Forget the former lover who after years as against kidney disease Melike Basaran, upon acceptance of the ethics committee childhood was the donor's sake . Transmission couple sitting two days before the wedding table \"second life\"lived happiness , \"Fate can not escape from ,\"he said .
Story of Izmir Bird Paradise begins in Çamaltı salt pan known as Monopoly . Vital Trust September 21, 1971 , Malik was born September 24, 1971 Basaran . Trust officer Basaran children of workers . The neighborhood of the same . Secondary school sophomore who fell in love with Confidence with separate reading in schools, despite Basaran relations have continued until they reach high school . However, both parents are opposed to this relationship and are separated from each other . Love the two lovers bury their way into the hearts of paints , they got married and raising a family . Melike Basaran graduated from high school in 1990 after getting married. They had engaged in embroidery work Oya-Basaran one now 20 years old Tolga Ugur names of two sons aged 13 and the other is going . Locksmith shop which is vital if trust is getting married in 1996 . He loves his wife . Pullets (17 ) is the name given to a son . However, the marriage breaks down pretty outgoing , Trust in 2012, is getting a divorce . Confidence can not afford a divorce is depressed . Marriage continued until 2011 , but who decided to divorce his wife because of alcohol problems Basaran Malik took the decision to divorce with children living separately from her husband begins. Initiates divorce proceedings . Kids together in the same neighborhood last , and then love each other and separated the two former lovers, broken marriages with a similar fate while living in 2011, one day old partner one of his friends Melike Basaran Vital Trust's wife divorced from that , get depressed , he says. Health problems and learning that dear old Basaran, childhood friends birthday which was organized to raise the morale of the trust are involved. Over the past 22 years, even once encounter each other, the older of the two lovers never heard of paths intersect by chance , 18 years with type 1 diabetes Trust's emerging health issues closer to the duo again . Trust has to be 4 times eye surgery , while the person closest childhood love going Melike Basaran . To explain the situation to the children from his first marriage couples , relationships with family and come out despite environmental pressures , are trying to solve health problems . In recent eye surgery diabetes , which caused him to lose his brother at a young age \"renal failure \"diagnosed vital trust , trying to overcome the difficult days of first love . Melike Basaran being transferred under the pressure of life who have decided to trust , when applying to Kent Hospital in Izmir , comes new obstacles in front of them . Trust these obstacles , the first love Malik awesome thanks exceeds .
FIRST LOVE SECOND LIFE opened its doors
Indeed, trust in \"the first eye pain \"said Basaran's Hospital in the city of Izmir in a kidney Oper . Dr. Specific Light , Oper . Dr. Ugur Saracoglu, Exp . Dr. Ebru Coordinator Nurse Joy and Eve Black Arrow is being conveyed by a team from the couple because of health problems constantly forced to postpone their wedding on August 25 , two days before the transplant takes place . A few days apart 44 years to celebrate the prepared double , a brand new life with the sail while turning the children of this love , marriage, confirm that , along with a large family they say , the feelings expressed .
each other's life since out of the 25 years , indicating that the vital trust ,\"Childhood suspended . the same place we were born we grow . Besides a period of time first love in what we have experienced . our families by force broke up. Very interesting after leaving the Alsancak't repeatedly working on the street we're even once met, never see. fate wife left our , after a surprisingly brought together . behind something fired. those years never faced the this how is it , in destiny had means . Continuous hospitals because we were married nineteen . She also took place in weddings there , \"he said .
\"health, peace , is HAPPINESS our EXPECTATIONS \"
Malik while awesome ,\"they say fortune that fate . Is divorced , I was sick when I heard the contact . I told her she was my support . We had a series of surgeries . Unfortunately, since we are faced hastanelerd . When acute renal failure on dialysis did not want . Had lost his brother from the same disease . I never thought that other people have the research . I'd be freezing , but this time came out against us ethics committee . If the pre-transplant if we were not married , there is suspicion of conflict of interest would have to wait two years . We wanted to tell our story ethics committee . It was very hard , did cross-examination . Smooth without any hiccups in my life, I have given the answer . Leaving said, the last word I want to get a positive response . A man who deserves to live , I said. Everyone should do what I do . I years, his relics bear I believe that I , years later, to come together , this happened not destiny , what is ? \"He said .
Karaburun living in the couple's last words are \"For him to live a good thing \",\"then at each other tightly wrapped our lives will continue, \"it was .
Oper . Dr. Uğur Saracoglu, kidney transplant applying for the couple against the \"two old friends, \"as they came , said:\"laws and regulations need of transceiver kinship, family ties or your friend may also have a very distant relative , then you need to enter the ethics committee . Remove the ethics committee of two people looking at whether the relationship . As a result of this research makes a decision . Organ transplants can be done or he can not . Our patients that this process is operating . We have sent the ethics committee . Ethics committee process is over. Confirmation came . We think they were married two days before the operation I do know. Health is going well . The most sensitive periods . Hospitals are close izlemd . We can discharge the weekend , \"he said .

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