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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 10:50

Father-Child Relationship How It Should Be?

Father-Child Relationship How It Should Be?
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New Century University Health Services Vocational College Lecturer Exp.

İstanbul news: New Century University Health Services Vocational College Lecturer Exp. Heather Ayre, father explained the importance in children's education.
Child's father's place in his life, saying that a very large Exp. Heather Ayre, pregnant mother to the baby from the moment of start of paternity, he said. Ayre,"mother of 9 months baby in the womb carries him all kinds feels an emotional bond forms. But the mother's pregnancy is good to migrate, dad, thanks. Claus at the time the child slowly relationships start of the question. Because with the child bond with the child the father of the relationship between many to start early in life can cause,"he said.
old boy, began to express itself in words with my father Ayre indicates the beginning of a relationship between now this is not the case and present from a very early age children of parents is communicating, as well as help with the care of the mother of the child is in the position of deputy said. Father of the child's life force and a reassuring factor is that the outside world for the self-perception and confidence you feel in terms of the very important point that explains Ayre,"the child in your life, anywhere in the growth of the outside world in its relationships, self-confidence, become independent in everything fathers important as a factor emerges. Claus factor basically a power factor. Reassuring is a factor. with the kids in my studies we can see that. Daddy's big, my father take care of everything, strong and a big figure,"he said. Ayre, he continued:
"Young fathers, researchers concerned, a child born from're starting a team to survey what and then children and wife to be near it really want. Education, too, children's education when we say that all the covers are already academic work, academic training, personality development covers all."
the relationship of parents, the child's education and development is a direct the effect of saying that it is possible and act together on child development, child and parents of a quality relationship should be observed that emphasizes Ayre,"the child's personal development, be peaceful, be happy, self-confidence, their always the mother and father provided factors. these good If naturally the child's academic success is reflected in the. precise, efficient, healthy relationship, shared things happen, father-child of some of the shares to be within the family together to live time zones can be separated to be very nice. Not so fast inside the life, make them very power, even if the parents come home too tired Even when children spend on their tiny period of time, to the fullest will spend a period of time is very important. example sleep to take with them 15-20 minutes a day of accounting engaged in a mutual conversation eye to eye, knee to knee to share all a situation would be worth a day. mothers and fathers in child education partners, they share an equal role,"he said.

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