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  • 20 Eylül 2014, Cumartesi 14:20

Father martyrs \"from the blood of the martyrs of the river bed in red paint \"Allegation

Father martyrs \
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Groundbreaking ceremony on September 24 in Edirne, Edirne Military Hospital which will be held next to the cemetary at the edge of the stream consisting of redness, killed by his father, \"the sign of the blood of martyrs \"was interpreted as .

Edirne news: In Edirne on September 24 groundbreaking ceremony will be held in Edirne Military Hospital cemetary next to the creek's edge consisting of redness, killed by his father \"martyrs blood mark \"was interpreted as .
Period Edirne Governor and Commander sender Veysel Pasha in 1889 commissioned , during the Balkan Wars and the First world War, Macedonia, Romania, Galicia and the soldiers who fought in Gallipoli, they brought a military hospital for treatment accumulated in the creek past the redness noted. Edirne Municipality by the hospital instead be made martyrdom on September 24 A planned groundbreaking ceremony before patrolling the area martyred father Ercan Kerman region of the martyrs were buried area due martyr themselves to forget they were not told .
three years ago with his wife's father, who died Commissioner Ercan Cem Kerman, Kerman, Edirne Military Hospital near the cemetery is located on the banks of the creek remaining herbs and roots take the color of the blood , he said. Ercan father of martyrs Kerman, 73 years ago, the cemetery is closed military hospital , said at that time stated that thousands of soldiers were buried here . Kerman, \"in the Caucasus , in the Dardanelles , Galician wounded soldiers for treatment in Edirne military hospital when brought to their inside , who died of where she was buried . Place in Edirne Martyrs'Families Association by the cemetery on the agenda when the president gentleman when we got here this under the willows blood attention pulled . fact, very impressed , blood color, this region is already a martyr burial of the place, it's another explanation is still in my head no . Certainly martyrs are still living and they forget trying to stay up . , I think so, \"he said.

Father martyrs \"from the blood of the martyrs of the river bed in red paint \"Allegation" comments for.


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