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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 25 Haziran 2014, Çarşamba 18:22

Fatih Farmer:\"Together with Resolution Process Increased Investment in Van \"

Fatih Farmer:\
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AK Party Deputy Fatih Van Farmer, \"with the solution process for incentives received from Van anticipated fixed investment amount , compared to same period last year increased by 50 percent ,''he said .

Van news: AK Party Van deputy Fatih Farmer, \"the solution process with Van incentives received from the documents stipulated for fixed assets investment, last year over the same period increased by 50 percent ,''he said .
UAV correspondent in statements Deputy Fatih Farmer of the solution, in East and Southeast investments that fold fold that , in Turkey , 12 thousand 39 people will be employed 4 billion 616 million pounds fixed investment amount of 358 units of project implementation to the Ministry of Economy of the April period of incentive certificate that the said.
Solution process incentive system investments and important contribution to employment and that the region a center of attraction continue to make Stating that Fatih Farmer, Van AK Party came to power realized in the period of economic transformation , area efficient use of resources , the peace and confidence in the permanence that provide support , last year 46 investment incentive is given to Van and documents of fixed investment amount of the project, noted that 343 million pounds . Farmers ,''the region's existing and potential incentives given to the region , will attract new investors and existing investors as it will increase the amount of investment . Accordingly, the region's wealth will play a key role in the development of the national economy . Clearly the increase of the investments made ​​in the region , along with the issue of migration and inter-regional disparities will be the solution will reduce . Only for the month of April in the List of Investment Certificates Van our province an incentive in the amount of 18 million 712 thousand pounds investment is envisaged. Van incentives received documents belonging to April and the anticipated amount of the investment for the same period last year increased by 50 percent ,''he said .

Fatih Farmer:\"Together with Resolution Process Increased Investment in Van \"" comments for.


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