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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 16:06

Fatma Şahin:Perception Management is being done on children

Fatma Şahin:Perception Management is being done on children
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Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Sahin, Kopani city of Isidor protest the pretext across the country launched and consequently also in Gaziantep 4 people lost their lives show on CNN Turk broadcast live on the assessment found .

Gaziantep news:
Falcon, one of the Southeast most from immigration and about 300 thousand Syrian refugees in Gaziantep hosts of peace and brotherhood attempting to undermine the environment , he said. Solution of the process of sabotaging tried to emphasize that Sahin, said:\"They want wherein chaos , whether development journey hit you, tear axle , the martyrs come atmosphere of peace , brotherhood and peace and tranquility injuries are . Their task this constantly on the ground trying to do . But I my people , countrymen my where common sense I trust . all over the region as well as in our city at the front in the 13-15 age group of 10-15 people groups of children , but the rear seriously studied social engineering made ​​a serious perception management undertaken and a terrorist organization ground when trying to find an image that we're faced with . \"
the main opposition KAOS nemalanmak should not
Falcon, CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu wounded Isidor militants in Gaziantep in a hospital were treated explanation with respect to the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality as it difficult to understand , he said.
an international media establishment Isidor militants treated that published the photo accurately reflect the striking Falcon, false news with the community of artificial day tried, fear politics to be developed , he said.
Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu , \"the PKK is a terrorist organization , Isidor is a terrorist organization ,\"he reminded Falcon, \"We in the fight against the terrorist organization whatever name our struggle is the same. Definitely not been given a boost , said. Ruled the country for all the information at the point where such a statement are made, this is not true of perception we our city also can not govern our country can not govern , \"he said .
The Republic's 100th year , 2023 and 2071 all together need to focus emphasis Falcon, \"In particular, the main opposition to the ruling of the street , nemalanmayıp of chaos , the opposite of peace , development of the project in a constructive way that magnifies himself from the rhetoric , the path needs to continue . Because our people want it , \"he said .
Chaos and conflict-fed groups in Gaziantep sympathizers highlighted that the Falcons , their 13-15 age range of children in the use was passed.
security forces on children never do anything that knows how a mechanism and organizational challenges facing emphasized that Falcon, the description said:\"that's why my mother and as a woman My request that families of children and their mothers ; kullandırt please do not let those kids , let them take those kids off the streets . Look it 3-5 one child standing on the street, to the destruction of innocent lives 4 units , 4 family's house fire was caused to fall . This is acceptable, not something that is humane and conscientious . That's why we do the right analysis and solutions need to search in the right place . \"Gaziantep people living trust , and at this point worries , pointing Falcon, crime and punishment, the individual that was passed .
State institutions work at the beginning of the public order and protect the arms have to voicing Sahin, citizens chaos to the growth opportunities that it is not , the events discreet and restrained approach , he said.
Events under the 12 people detained , 6 arrested stating that the Falcon, \"Both the judicial and administrative authorities of our part in this organization and those intelligence agencies gave it to us with the information security our forces a serious work, and . Who's trying to do this work if the price for it will have to pay according to the laws of the Republic of Turkey . I will not allow this . Never innocent citizens where the victim will not be , \"he said .
CEM GARİPOĞLU SUICIDE shows that the VIOLENCE be the winner does not
about 5 years ago Münevver Khan killed Cem Garipoğlu'nun suicide on the descriptions in the the Falcon, persecution of the end is good , he said. suicide violence of how a final go towards showing that a sign statements indicating that the Falcon, description, concluded:\"The families on it, how fragmented and that there is no showing the signs that event. A man's not a man suffering persecution as to how to be in accordance with human nature already destroyed itself , that shows that damage . That's why we love, peace , brotherhood , amplifying the point of zero tolerance of violence in the struggle to move forward in a full mobilization shows us that we need to manage the process . Violence and war can not be the winner . \"

Fatma Şahin:Perception Management is being done on children" comments for.


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