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  • 25 Haziran 2014, Çarşamba 18:16

Fatsa, are focusing on local tourism

Fatsa, are focusing on local tourism
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Turkey Rural Tourism Association Army Special Representative of the Trust , said local tourism efforts bore fruit .

Ordu news: Turkey Rural Tourism Association Army Representative Trust private , local tourism efforts bore fruit , he said.
In the world as well as Fatsa mobility begin noted that trust private , \"Working our local tourism development in line are continuing . This sense of our village tourism have opened . Centers there is Subject to the Army each side covering the work we do . tour our work to other villages also transfer began. these villages early Kabakdag village is coming. There is a concept we have created . currently there every week, groups coming. sometimes the day of unity , and sometimes stay they come. lodging needs we have developed'home with the hotels have provided . our guests in our homes, though family members, as if we're having . San that we live together. guests to our customers by understanding , not too close relatives in the mood we're having . therefore a natural cultural exchange going on. Homeowners with culture without damaging themselves that life just getting up . District of Castles and Caves is one of the touristic value of jingling archaeological studies, excavations are not finished yet . However,'there at the end of the excavation will deal with the'I have no idea . What if the present case , as it will evaluate it . Tinkle when fully emerge will be a major research results . However, we start from jingling SAZCI a trip to the village in the valley up to create trails we think, \"he said.
Private trust zeta said:\"Our local tour services in our programs have 12 pieces . We would like to express them with colors . We have called our tour round blue sea . Although we completed our tour boat for our program because we have not realized . We do not force our laws . We have to do our work in a documented way . Our district does not have the documents with full boat . This kind of boat has vicinities obtained . Its also cost us too much going on . Because our tour of our guests do not charge money . In fact, we offer various promotions . For example, our guests have conducted free check-up and skin care . So I sit to streamline our programs have started to demand money . For this boat tour organizers not to demand the money immediately and, if such an idea of civil society organizations , public institutions must support the obvious . On this occasion we will become more active is our tour of all color . This product of our work as our tour will be held in our region and further afield to neighboring provinces . All sectors involved in this process and our villagers will make money. \"

Fatsa, are focusing on local tourism" comments for.


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