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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 16:13

Feast of 409 Police Task to do

Feast of 409 Police Task to do
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Bart safe and peaceful citizens by the Police Department to spend a feast , the feast will be served during the 409 personnel were reported .

Bartın news:
Bartin Province Police Chief Altınok said in a statement , \"Bartınlı the citizens of our peace and happiness, which is the symbol Eid in peace and security in order to spend all the tools , equipment and our staff every feast , as in this festival also will be on duty . Bartin Police Department as our citizens safe and peaceful Eid spent to city center, town and road in the public's intense the shopping malls, streets and alleys , especially victims sales , cutting in places , cemeteries and mosques, public security and public order, supply, traffic flow, ensuring in respect of all motorized teams and foot patrols our line together with festivals during the total 409 staff esteemed Bartınlı our citizens in the service will be . during this holiday loved ones next to the feast who want to spend on this occasion, traffic will be citizens of traffic accidents, family and social life caused destruction, the feast of joy sadness of grief how to convert that recalling once again we would like to draw your attention to this matter strongly . Bart Police and city as well as in the provision of highway traffic for a total of 15 traffic will make the feast with his team in control of our esteemed fellow countrymen will be next. Our goal is not never fines , peaceful citizens and their loved ones safely is to attain . Please note that the greatest reward for us is the fact that the feast of our citizens safe and peaceful , \"he said .

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