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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 09:24

Feast of Kars Police Department Receives Measures

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Kars Police Directorate , on the Feast of Sacrifice , a feast in peace and security of the citizens to spend some measures reportedly taken bi .

Kars news:
statement, \"Eid al-Adha before during and festivals , our people found to be concentrated where shopping centers, cemeteries, mosques, animal stock , market places, railway station and inter-city bus station , the may occur negativity in order to prevent civil and public motorized teams and pedestrian patrol appointment is made . Oct. 3 from Friday to start the holiday , the last day on October 8 , until Tuesday , (7) picture , (7) non-motorized team (70 ), ( 72) foot patrol policing team (144) for a total of ( 214) personnel are assigned . traffic in terms of the traffic Registration and Inspection Branch Manager, Area traffic Control Branch with Kağızman and Sarikamish County traffic Control Station Chief in our staff in charge of the annual leave planning, feast of the sacrifice to be taken in traffic measures because of the 1 to 12 October 2014. between the office to be have been made. traffic Registration and Inspection Branch Directorate , Eid al-Adha holiday in the measures planned under the team officials as a supplement , office attendant traffic personnel with the participation of (4) motorized with the team total (32) staff , traffic management and administration will work in \"the statement said . < br/> Kars Police Department received a statement from the following statements:
\"Especially on the eve likely to occur in order to reduce the intensity of the main street that connects the intersections, pedestrian traffic personnel will be assigned . Will work during the day (4) motorized traffic team in the route block traffic and traffic flow arrangement for the removal of vehicles , constantly cruising shall control . Also intercity bus terminal , a public holiday period ( 1) our clerk will work is the safety of passengers in terms of buses and drivers out of time according to whether they audits carefully will be made non-compliant vehicles and drivers out of time strictly not allowed.
Area Traffic Control Sarikamish Kağızman with branch and District Traffic Control Station of Amirliklerimiz ; Feast during the traffic accident concentration of the road section planned for constant traffic applications, insomnia and fatigue symptoms intensified 3:00 to 6:00 a.m. between the hours from remote areas where apparently vehicle drivers at checkpoint short-term vehicle strokes will be provided , so görevlilerimiz of vehicle technical regulations conformity , plates on the vehicle and, if appropriate whether the driver of the necessary documents for the presence of our controls when both the vehicle's interior air change ( increase in oxygen concentration ) as well as acting blood circulation returns to normal drive , sleep and fatigue , albeit a bit of shall be eliminated . < br/> in addition, the daily 3.5 hours translating team , 3,5 hours turning guys and gals cruising for a total of 7 hours, radar speed control application will be made.
a public holiday throughout the Area Traffic control Division of the Directorate , one of the radar team including three crew , Sarikamish Station Chief of the second team and Kağızman Station Chief 1 of the radar team, including second team , through hard and cruising traffic control will be given to whether the traffic accidents where there is a road section which will be held constant traffic applications, accidents caused by and in the results of active faulty overtaking , close follow-up , red light violation , seat belt and drivers while driving cell phone usage rules such as compliance indicating that audits more frequent will .
heavy vehicles and commercial vehicles audits , tachograph checks will be made and inspection during operation and rest period violations detected commercial vehicle drivers , vehicles to use will not be allowed .
of these measures , as well as our citizens also faced adversities without delay 155 police emergency line or the nearest police unit to report the incident to the intervention of Kars police Department will make great contributions . \"

Feast of Kars Police Department Receives Measures" comments for.


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