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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 26 Ekim 2012, Cuma 11:08

Feast of the AK Party, CHP delegation's visit

Feast of the AK Party, CHP delegation's visit
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Ankara began visits to holy among the parties.

Ankara began visits to holy

between the parties. AK Party, CHP delegation first came to holy. CHP deputies detained the delegation's visit was discussed.

CHP delegation, AK Party Deputy Chairman Mehmet Ali Sahin, Ankara deputy Ahmet İyimaya, Women and Youth Handles Handles Balaban MKYK Murside Secretary-General U Level of evidence of Aladdin Ünüvar'dan AK Party delegation welcomed.

delegation, Deputy Chairman of the CHP Party Assembly members with Bulent Tezcan Akdogan Hope and Rose Farmer took place. CHP delegation, the AK Party came to the building. Following delegations fit, Mehmet Ali Sahin, guests will"welcome"after the CHP delegation Bulent Tezcan, began to talk to MPs detained.

Tezcan, a wish to spend a holiday together this year's detention deputies Mehmet Ali Sahin on to say that while it is up to the decision of the judiciary. Tezcan, Mehmet Ali Sahin surprised straightforward to bring MPs detained, then a member of the Justice Committee, Ahmet topic İyimaya'ya asked. İyimaya the"Problem The problem of Turkey, Turkey can be converted to the norm of law if we can reach an agreement, subject to change., But judicial intervention unless the problem is that the judiciary."evaluation found.

a study on the issue, saying that the Ministry of Justice Mehmet Ali Sahin, will constitute the agenda of the parliament pointed out that in the event the issue of detention deputies. Mehmet Ali Sahin finally,"We hope that the prisons, not one, you get a blank."wishes.

Feast of the AK Party, CHP delegation's visit" comments for.


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