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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 15:27

Feast of the Sacrifice in the Citizen's Water Revolt

Feast of the Sacrifice in the Citizen's Water Revolt
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Nyx is about a month in the district of Tokat the water cuts , holiday infuriated citizens .

Tokat news:
Niksar'da many residents reacted continuously due to interruption of water , municipal water distribution with the feast day of the fire department to make public the response has caused . Firefighting water to be distributed almost rebelling Kurudere neighborhood residents, \"a month continuously since our water is cut off.'s Day morning even needs water remained. What home washing the dishes can nor need to clean we can fix . Feast cleanliness could not sacrifice our will cut no water. Neighborhood smell terrible situation arrived .'s Day morning çoluğu we have children mosque barely taking an ablution able to go . than a month since the water continuously at noon breaking . until the next day more water. Why do we have water breaking ? also do not understand. many neighborhood water leaks , Kurudere and several neighborhood water cuts \"they said.
Water flow in the event the municipality's door referring to that tells them residents of the neighborhood ,\"this can not continue , the neighborhood women after Eid together municipalities will go to , protestoys protest will . door will rely on other choice left. Rebellion will become , \"he spoke.

Feast of the Sacrifice in the Citizen's Water Revolt" comments for.


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