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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 11:39

Feast of the Sacrifice of experts Alert

Feast of the Sacrifice of experts Alert
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Hospital experts in Van, Istanbul , excessive meat consumption in the Feast of Sacrifice , which may cause various health problems by specifying the citizens were warned .

Van news:
the upcoming Eid al-Adha because of the citizens , especially meat consumption should pay attention indicating that the Istanbul Hospital Dietitian Fatma Karadaş, holiday, healthy , fit and form, to spend a portion control , food selection and cooking methods more care should be taken , he said. Victims of the meat is cut and consumed digestive difficulties caused stated that the Karadaş , \"especially the stomach , bowel problems , which is the flesh of rest after the consume will be more healthy . Early period of indigestion in the long term cardiovascular , kidney and liver problems leading to meat consumption attention should be . particular, such suffering victims of the flesh more careful and less fatty parts from consuming want . also, too much meat we eat or too much sweet pastry loaded into the last day, the next day to do a lot of vegetables fed mainly we need and our water consumption at 2.5 to 3 liters on we need to , \"he said .
citizens , holiday, one of the essentials consumption of sweets to pay attention to should also indicate Karadaş, \"hectic last on holidays more than 3-4 hours to starve healthy snacks should consume. long period of fasting after we eat, everything fat conversion it will be in a much shorter time ; they are sweet as pie carbohydrate foods if you need to pay attention to it . We must remain open for a long time . To be able to say no to dessert feast necessarily need to go out with a full stomach to visit . Our stay open for longer than 3 hours during the day , our metabolism will slow down the strong need to keep healthy snacks with us . Dried apricots , walnuts, hazelnuts elections would be ideal for us . With these thoughts and feelings of all our citizens I wish you health and happiness of the feast , \"he said .

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