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  • 25 Ekim 2012, Perşembe 01:35

Feast of the Sacrifice pay attention to this notice!

Feast of the Sacrifice pay attention to this notice!
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Feast of the Sacrifice increasing consumption of red meat and sweet causes sudden rise in cholesterol and diabetes.

Feast of the Sacrifice approaching. Sacrifice meat, lozenges, pastries, wraps, stuffed delicacies at the door ... No, can not say, well, but what about after? dietician Sea Dawn warns:"Only patients with diabetes and cholesterol, not everyone should pay attention to foods consumed."

cholesterol and diabetes Attention!

Dietitian Sea Dawn, tüketeceğimiz shape and fat content in meat cooking threaten our health and adds:"The lean meat is roasted and made part of the food of choice will be more healthy. Is completely saturated fats, especially fats such as tallow raise cholesterol values. You will also need to consume a healthy amount of meat if prepared, prepare daily average of 150 grams. This amount is everyone's age, height, weight and varies according to the condition of existing disease."

Halloween dessert consumption is another issue that should be considered. Especially in patients with cholesterol and diabetes, as well as indicating that healthy people should be very careful in the MWT. Dawn:"hospitality insisted that because of the desserts can be. However, remember that in front of us we've hurt people. Sweet rise to consume sugar (hyperglycemia), after the fall of sugar (hypoglycemia) can cause. However, consuming too much sweet, may interfere with the actual nutritional needs cover a. For this reason, consumption of sweet feast a bit limited. Patients with diabetes, and cholesterol, as well as healthy individuals, in order to keep their blood sugar in balance you need to pay attention to the consumption of sweet."

Dietitian Dawn, sudden changes in diet also draws attention to our order,"daily nutrition, snacks be overlooked. Feast of the Sacrifice scheme should not miss as much as possible, feeding times to be considered. Can be seen after the rapid increase in the scale I. Bayram. I do not want to consume balanced food festival also. Rest of the day wasted too much meat and fresh fruit, salad, vegetables should take care to consume foods high in nutritional value but low in calories. Fresh vegetables and fruits is very necessary for our body, but they have the advantage of full our Saviour."

Feast of the Sacrifice pay attention to this notice!" comments for.


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