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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 15:53

Feast of Turkish troops from the country four thousand miles away Celebrated

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Peacekeeping force in Afghanistan since 2003, serving in ISAF Turkish soldiers , Eid is also found in the Kabul Regional Command Barracks celebrated in nature .

Kabil news:
Bayramlaşma , primarily those present at the ceremony area, the staff of the Kabul Regional Command of General Staff Gen. Necdet Ozel, the feast began with the reading of messages . Then the Kabul Regional Commander, Brigadier General Dawn Sky has made ​​a short speech . After the speech, Brigadier General dawn sky, shaking hands with all staff individually celebrated the feast . The soldiers then took holy with each other . In statements to the press after the celebration of the heavens , Kabul Kabul Regional Command of the armed forces of the essential functions and provide support to the Kabul police said . Sky, \"Our government will provide grant 40 cattle were supplied . Here, the staff also voluntarily cut their victims are also added, around 50 cattle victims today and tomorrow here will be cut and the victims , especially in Kabul, the refugee camps , including needy Afghans will be distributed ,\"he said .
Brigadier General heavens , then , to celebrate the feast he came to visit in Kabul, the Afghan army personnel and had lunch with Turkish businessmen . Brigadier General heavens , holiday Hussein made ​​a surprise if Turgut . Sky, Huseyin Turgut family in the town of Nigde Kemerhisar view that the phone was calling . During a meeting in an environment of emotional Turgut Hussein , with his mother and father were holy . Brigadier General Dawn Gök celebrated the feast of the Turgut family . Sky, Huseyin Turgut Turgut's father, Nevzat , \"Your child entrusted to us , thinking ,\"he said . There were soldiers guarding the feast . Selami sergeant in charge of Barracks guardhouse born noble , \"away from my family even if I spend the Eid al-Adha together with the people of Afghanistan, his brother and I'm proud of the honor ,\"he said .

Feast of Turkish troops from the country four thousand miles away Celebrated" comments for.


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