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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 18:43

Featured in Yalova laughed Kocaelili

Featured in Yalova laughed Kocaelili
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Turkey Special Athletes Sports Federation, Turkey, which was organized by the Special Athletes Football League Group during the week of the 7th Special Stars team Yalova , Kocaeli Life Coaching teams faced .

Yalova news: Different scoring of the match as the guest team were victorious 7-3 .
Amateur Field 2 guest team in the game played in 7 minutes by speed input Tanju found at the feet of the goals went ahead 1-0 . Yalova storm against teams Kocaeli Yildiray in Life Coaching at 13 and 38 minutes, crossing the goals ahead 3-0 in the first half of the match ended with the score . At the beginning of the second half of the match Yalova fuhat Special Stars team in the 46th minute with a goal of finding the difference by downloading 2 brought the score 3-1 . Saw the castle after a goal Kocaeli team was quick to answer and 47 Tanju made ​​the score 4-1 . Today's Show influential name Tanji 53 minutes when once again appeared on the scene and brought the score to 5-1 . When making the score 5-2 after 57 minutes of Ramadan , Kocaeli Free Life Coaching 56 and 63, the second goal went ahead 7-2 . In 69 games last word from the team Yalova said Fatih and was appointed as the 7-3 score of the game .
Special League
STATE:Amateur 2
REFEREE:A. Burak Daldal xxx, xxx Necmettin Hawk , Mehmet Yildiz xxx
YALOVA SPECIAL STARS: Ali xx , R. Fatih xxx, xxx D. Ramadan , Semih xx ​​xx Nurullah , Yigit xx xx Ahmet Akpinar , fuhat xxx xx Ahmet Tarhan , Chief xx , Oguzhan xx
KOCAELİ LIFE COACHING: Enes xxx, free xxx, Tanja xxx , Peace xxx, Emrah xxx, Fatih xxx, Hamza xxx, Serdar xxx, Yildiray xxx, Arif xxx Hasan xxx
GOALS:Dk.46 fuhat , Dk.57 D. Ramadan , Dk.69 R. Conqueror (Yalova Special Stars ) , Dk.7-47-53 Tanji , Dk.13-38 Yildiray, Dk Free .56-63 (Kocaeli Life Coaching )


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