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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 13:56

February 28 in the case of the output sound problem, the indictment was read, the afternoon

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February 28 process, for allegedly attempting to overthrow the government began the first hearing of the case against 103 people.

Ankara 13 Trial in the Assize Court, 6th September, will continue without interruption until. Identification with the beginning of the trial of the accused were put 103.

trial, side by side in the 10th Ankara Courthouse and 11 Tearing down the wall between the living room created using the Assize Court seems halls. Cetin Dogan, the trial of the accused with the CHP Tunceli deputy Kamer Genc, ​​embraced. At one point the former HEC Chairman Kemal Guruz, stood up and made the observation lounge. Then the lawyer spoke for a while. Relaxed attitude of the defendants pointed out that, from time to time with relatives was selamlaştığı hand sign.

Malkoç victims face, especially 28 S. Hall in the process of victims of February's lawyers present at the hearing. Distress in the audio system, eliminating the courtroom lasted a long time. Later, the trial resumed after the resolution of the problem.

court has completed the process of identification. The court Tayyar President Süleyman Köksaldı and Hakan Koksal Oruç'tan consists of the members. The judge's Kadriye fork in the hall as a member of the reserve. If the Public Prosecutor Kemal Çetin.

experienced problems due to the mess and some of the sound system, the defendant's lawyers, recess the hearing and stated that they wanted to get out of the prosecutor general. However, the Court Koksal,"you will not do much."has paid off.

Koksal Tayyar, President of the Court, the National Security Council General Secretariat of the Law Department, 28 S. February 1997 on the date of the minutes açıklanmadığına responded, 54 In the letter sent by the Prime Minister announced the government's resignation.

In the meantime, the defendant's lawyers, the prosecution phase of the investigation phase can not be a person on the grounds that the members of the delegation demanded the removal of Oruç Hakan. Without the permission of the prosecutor and the prosecutor's duty to committing crime investigation brought you here in the future will therefore argued that the penalty. The prosecutor asked the court not to participate in the crime and the trial immediately cease the task demanded. The civil court proceedings should not be claimed that the military court.

lawyer Celal Ulgen, TRT sports for you to sit next to the bench protested. Opposed to even sit in the same place with the public prosecutor reminded the delegation Ülgen of establishing a prosecutor down there trying to download news presenters also said it reminded Timur elephants. This situation has led to laughter in the hall.

The hearing was to noon. In the afternoon of the hearing by Mete Fulin Arikan Doctor TRT speakers are expected to read the indictment.

February 28 in the case of the output sound problem, the indictment was read, the afternoon" comments for.


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