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SON Dakika

  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 14:03

February 28 the victim wants to edit the soldiers

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February 28 in the process of stroke victims postmodern arrangements made for the officers of the Turkish Armed Forces does not include those issued.

28 S. ubat'ta victims are waiting for the legal regulation of the soldiers themselves. Soldier Honorary President made a statement on the subject, and retired Major General Adnan Tanriverdi, like, the arrangement of the officers issued TSK'dan needs to be done for the soldiers said."It's grievances, continues. Victim soldiers in the editing requirements."she said.

28 S. February period, the scope of the regulations related to the victims, were granted the right to return to work and return to the task expelled from public office for those who wish to November 1, 2013 has been given until. In addition, 1 candidate between January 1990 and August 2, 2013 to act contrary to the provisions of the state civil service memuruyken dress outs to get back to the task if you apply by November 1.

Despite these positive developments, 28 S. February period, the target board fitted, by decree of the Supreme Military Council decisions and the trio made TSK'dan issued a regulation on the soldiers. Improvements to the soldiers in 2011 was limited to the law numbered 6191. This law is thrown AGE personal rights with the decisions of the military provided a partial improvement. Triple soldiers dismissed from the army by decree, the rights of the arrangement were not made until now. Stroke victims soldiers, now 28 S. The comprehensive regulations for the period of February, also wants to be made for them.

topic Commenting on Justice Defenders Association (ASDER) Honorary Chairman Retired Major General Adnan Tanriverdi, argued that regulation does not cover the victim troops. Tanrıverdi, Parliament passed a new regulation for the soldiers, he said.

"revolution and coup soldiers REGULATION MADE"
In 657

subject to all civil servants in the although he was editing the amnesty, and so on, an arrangement for military victims of no remarkable life Tanriverdi arrangement for the soldiers behind the revolution and intervention periods, stressed ever been to.

TSK'dan with the decision of the Supreme Military Council TSK'dan issued and transactions, a number of conclusions about what happened off the rights to the 6191 Law No. 2011, which removed reminding Tanriverdi,"Transactions judgment on, but the administrative process those retired armed forces issued ex officio. military students are there., especially in a 28 S. in February as a result of pressures, those forced to retire there. Therefore, they have a grievance.", he said.

"victimization continues,"

grievances, pointing to a new law should eliminate Tanriverdi ASDER related proposal, the Parliament and the Council of Ministers transmit grievances reported. This work could be done on the subject has been promised transfer Retired Major General Tanriverdi,"issued TSK'dan like the arrangement of Officials should also be performed for the soldiers. These grievances, continues."said.

Adnan Tanrıverdi, pulse periods, the end of the third issue voiced defend :"D the prosecution of those involved in a brawl, eliminating the impacts of victimization of victims, to the future requirements for the lack of impact , is required. believe that the focus should be on these three. grievance redress, it is one of the three issues."

28 S. February period, the Army Chief Warrant Officer Salim Sahin scored on a triple decree during the process of the administration after the retired military tutelage, has been given rights to government officials taken in the same location Bunan just not giving the soldiers argued that these rights. Regulatory officials with the same legal situation, which is the same status as a victim of a triple decree ex officio veterans who expressed disregard for the principles of equality before the law and the Falcon,"Regulation, marginalized, separated, removed from justice, equity gözetmemiştir. Decades of that hard work, service to the motherland ignoring the junta, sign all decisions taken in the direction of the enemy of spirituality, the appearance of the coup generals' requests.", he said.

February 28 the victim wants to edit the soldiers" comments for.


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