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  • 10 Ağustos 2013, Cumartesi 13:18

February 28 to pivot the victim of school teachers

February 28 to pivot the victim of school teachers
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February 28, during a historic step was taken in relation to teachers victimized. Ministry of Education, it is veiled in period costume dress code issued by the teachers in the profession called back. Teachers can enter classes wearing a headscarf.

Born 15 years after the announcement of the Ministry of Education has

. Costume dress code after the February 28 coup launched by state institutions laid off thousands of civil servants wearing headscarves.

Star newspaper at the beginning of the institutions affected by the regulation under the Ministry of Education, the teachers are the largest occupational group was living in the grievance. February 28, 1997 issued by the Ministry of Education announced

after the date of the disciplinary action and other civil servants civil service disciplinary amnesty expelled, he said.

teachers who want to return again within three months of the teaching profession should be pointed out that the old institutions to apply to the Ministry, the number of civil servants will be back limitation does not apply to the teachers and the teachers they leave the assignment, or a similar course titled branch atanacaklarını positions reported within two months.

also Ministry of Education, the profession of teachers who will be back fully opened the way for classes wearing a headscarf was able to enter.

applications for teachers who want to be assigned to schools, Ministry of Education re-starting on Monday, August 12 until August 29 announced bulunabileceklerini apply in writing.

return again in the way schools entry requirements for teachers who want to lose the civil service need to be is idle periods.

February 28 to pivot the victim of school teachers" comments for.


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