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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 09:39

February 28 trial begins today

February 28 trial begins today
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103 shares in the first case the accused be tried to overthrow the government on February 28 will be held today celsesi

February 28 in the process of attempting to overthrow the government of the first hearing of the case against 103 people for allegedly starting today . Side by side in the 10th Ankara Courthouse and 11 Tearing down the wall between the Courts of Assize hearings held in the spacious lounge created Ministry of Justice, the Department of Information Technology established the hall will be recorded on video and audio system. Display records, the court dönüştürürecek item recorded in writing them, and then give the parties. The hearing will begin identification and reading of the indictment. TRT will be present to read the indictment, the two announcers. First, the detention hearings will be testimonies of the defendants, will continue until September 6.


including retired Gen. Cevik Bir, Erdal Ceylanoğlu, Cetin Dogan, Teoman Koman, and retired Maj. Gen. Fevzi Türkeri Erol Özkasnak, retired Lt. Gen. Kamuran Orkhon, MHP Istanbul deputy and former HEC Chairman Kemal Gürüz'ün Engin Alan, 76 people were arrested during the investigation, including, arrested Colonel Mehmet Haşimoğlu, treatment GATA died.


demanded the arrest of the former Chief of General Staff Ismail Hakki Karadayı referred to the court, the decision of the judicial control release has been dropped. Conducting the investigation, prosecution, the indictment prepared by the May 22, 2013, Ankara, Turkey 13 Sent to the Court of Assize. The indictment, the 103 defendants,"the Government of the Republic of Turkey cebrendevirmeye, lower participation"crime, was asked to aggravated life imprisonment. February 28 under the operation took place 14. In the indictment, the defendant in a number Karadayı a number two, number üçcü Özkasnak is located. A total of 199 were 438 soldiers victim's civil case, the then Prime Minister Tansu Chiller is one of the victims. While the court released 38 prisoners sanıkğı, 37 detention of the accused is in progress.

February 28 trial begins today" comments for.


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