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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 12:51

Feed pan to the"Regional and International Brand Award"

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Adana news: Feed pan sec. ve Tic. Inc., Gaziantep by Media Platforms"Regional and International Brand Award"was awarded.
Gaziantep Media Platform (GAMEP) and the Anatolian Lions Businessmen's Association (ASKO's) organized in collaboration with Regional and International Brands of Feed pan from Awards"Regional and International Brand Award"has arrived.
ceremony, the guest of honor with the participation of TRNC President Dervis Eroglu Şehitkamil was held at the Culture and Congress Centre. 'Brands in the world will come from these lands with the theme' at the ceremony held for the second time, industrialization and development of the region by contributing to branding and awards were given to companies.
TRNC President Eroglu, at a ceremony in his speech, Gaziantep innate entrepreneurial spirit themselves with today move for what, celebrating the"Rewards anyone who heartily congratulate you. All managers in the TRNC to see would be very happy. Motherland and valuable to my brothers, Cyprus' I send my love and respect of,"he said.
speeches, from the provinces of Gaziantep region as well as having been awarded to companies plaques were distributed.
Gaziantep Chamber of Industry Chairman Adil Konukoğlu, pan Feed sec. ve Tic. Inc. 's award, Chairman Mehmet Erel was awarded to Abraham.
ceremony, Gaziantep deputy Mehmet Erdoğan and Halil Mazıcıoğlu, Istanbul Deputy Governor Mehmet Taşdöğen, Mayor Asim Guzelbey, Police Chief ömerr if the GCP Chairman Adil Konukoğlu and Assembly President Mustafa Topçuoğlu, ASKON Chairman Mustafa Koca, GAMEP President Nazmi Özkoyuncu and other invited guests attended.

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