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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 08:54

Feeding 1 billion people in the world are inadequate and imbalanced

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Environment Association Solidarity Association ( ÇEKÜD ) Kayseri Representative Mehmet Faruk in the world, nearly a billion people adequate nutrition can not be said,'hunger, inadequate and unbalanced diet-induced deaths, mental and physical disorders, tragic dimension reached .

Kayseri news: First of all, we must avoid waste .'he said.
ÇEKÜD Representative Mehmet Faruk , and people live, their physical and mental development of access to enough food to ensure that it is essential , he said. This level of achievement in terms of food and health \"safe\"is reminiscent of being accepted as a fundamental right , a billion people in the world have an access to sufficient food and water saved . Is ,'in many parts of the world ; people have access to food in sufficient quantity and quality for which they are faced with starvation . In recent years, the number of people who are not adequate and balanced diet is increased to 1 billion . This is a significant amount of the world's population , faced with the problem of hunger shows that . Hunger , and malnutrition caused by inadequate deaths, mental and physical disorders in the national and international level has reached tragic proportions . Deaths due to hunger and malnutrition considering ; figure , AIDS, malaria , tuberculosis and other diseases which can be seen more . Hunger, from generation to generation continues , every year millions of children just mothers of malnourished because less than normal weight at birth and particularly in developing countries, 10.9 million children age 5 before reaching die . \"He said .
overfed there are those who
Kayseri Representative Mehmet Faruk ÇEKÜD the world in a way insatiable consumption of resources due to over nutrition argued that dealing with health problems . In the fight against hunger and thirst are reminded that saving is important ,'First, we must use our resources effectively and efficiently . Avoiding waste to the world's impoverished people with major problems caused by hunger and thirst will not leave alone . \"Saving \"the \"justice-fairness\"Let us remember that measure to comply with . \"ÇEKÜD as a \"waste \"tank avoiding the \"hunger \",\"pollution \",\"disease \"thirst\"to produce individuals , everyone adequate, accessible , high quality, reliable and affordable food produced a world we do hope .'He finished his speech .

Feeding 1 billion people in the world are inadequate and imbalanced" comments for.


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