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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Ekim 2014, Pazartesi 19:08

Felicity Party, former President of Kuta , the Governor Visits Silk

Felicity Party, former President of Kuta , the Governor Visits Silk
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University of Şırnak Şırnak for the opening of the academic year 2014-2015 from the Felicity Party General Chairman Recai Kutan old , Sirnak University Rector

Şırnak news: Akmaz with Dr Ali Hasan Ipek Sirnak Governor visited in his office .
Attended the opening of the academic year at the University of Sirnak Kuta , the Governor met with Silk . Here in statements on the agenda of Kuta , the Adak until 1970 Fahim recalled in this area . Kutan , \"I Diyarbakir DSI as Regional Manager for 30 years I stayed in this area . 70th year as one of anarchy and terror incident happened. At that time, transportation extraordinary was difficult. Pedestrian mules in us the slightest concern they did not. So what happened 80 after social events suddenly broke out ? these past events that took place again is . Recent do too. these business problems still valuable governor expressed by our as Lawrence's children is always this type of work in have been . government and our government responsible for our work on this matter extraordinarily resolute action demonstrated . hope that after this many cesaretd They will not . a very different approach probably is exhibited such hope . Turkey is actually not worthy . these regions to not worthy . entire conference my expressed hope . us we visited these places for 9 years in this region of Southeastern Anatolia in Turkey the most religious region Machining many places than just connected . How was them was , \"he said .
\" EVENT 17 people were detained \"
speaking later Governor Silk the Lawrence's children say a year, said that the provocation remove . Silk governor in recent days, in the event that any loss of life , 17 people had been detained, arrested, stated that 3 of them . The biggest challenge of the Sirnak that , but the measures taken due to any mortal cases did not undergo the Governor Silk following statements replied:
\"about these events before, an explanation we had . Especially Şırnaklılar common sense I invited and Şırnaklılar the provocations point is not very serious in 1990's, which resembles the solution process in a manner inconsistent provocations that have mentioned. Sirnak people these provocations come and in this sense their common sense I invited . Sirnak very serious provocation happened. too big events happened. Perhaps Turkey's largest , most events Sirnak our city was . But to give thanks , in Sirnak province, so the event although no fatalities have never experienced . too property damage , injury , arrest, should the event have . But gladly would like to mention . Both our security forces and our troops in this sense is very sensitive acted provocation aimed at preventing . Fatal events've made very careful not to cause and thank God no fatalities has occurred in Sirnak Province . In the event that we go out with so few questions'm pleased. Sirnak people were really common sense . There was a very serious public provocateur behind . Only provocateurs was around. This call our satellites , I would like to thank them , Şırnak to the people for everything. God willing, then those who want to disrupt the peace and tranquility of Sirnak much healthier as a people, and we put severe reactions . We definitely our streets as a state of anarchy , terror, our streets are committed to leave . There is no way to dominate the peace , security to prevail in a place where nothing happens. What would be the solution you peace of mind . I would also like to mention . I finally help us on this issue and all civil society organizations would like to thank all the people of Sirnak . Thousands of shells were thrown is correct. I want to say . This number of days is very clear in the President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said. I'm telling you it was a year ago . Lawrence's children is the conflict between the descendants of the Ottoman Empire . Lawrence's children were doing everything in their hands , but the descendants of the Ottomans emerged as winners in Sirnak . We are no one to die in the conflict , even if members of the organization though provocateurs in order to be allowed to die and as a result we have taken action in Sirnak avoid provocation Thank God we have this great life lossless . He died at 34 of our people in Turkey . My condolences to their families . However, for a member of two of our safety was martyred. I wish them the grace of Allah , I wish a speedy recovery to our wounded . We have detained and arrested . 3 units prisoners , 17 are detained . 3 of them were arrested. \"
After the speeches, the governor Silk , Kutan Noah's Ark , Mem u Zin , owner manual and Sirnak and Cizre Melayu honey was a gift.

Felicity Party, former President of Kuta , the Governor Visits Silk" comments for.


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