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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 14:44

Felicity Party Kayseri Provincial President Mahmoud reas:

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Felicity Party in Ankara after the 5th Ordinary General Congress an assessment of the Provincial President Mahmoud Arikan, \"was, that attracts our interest .

Felicity Party in Ankara, the 5th Ordinary General Congress after an evaluation of the Provincial President Mahmoud Arikan, \"attracted our attention was this . Local elections after our party received 2.8, the percentage of votes a little obvious ignorance in the effort were . However, we saw that the Felicity Party There was a political party will not be , \"he said .
Arikan, \"Yesterday Felicity Party's 5th Ordinary General Congress in Ankara realized. Allah this congress blessing makes . Couples listed a convention excitement we had . National Opinion , the Felicity Party, an unfamiliar atmosphere word was the subject , \"he said .
\"Days before the party outside of our people , our party pair from the list the opportunity to know and chaotic environment wanted to land \"in the expression Arikan, \"But as General Chairman Mustafa Kamala , gentlemen and other candidates DR . Fatih Erbakan guys are cold-blooded attitude fraternity cases established on conversations with a nice race was realized . Consequently, the current General Chairman Mustafa Kamala, over 600 delegates by vote of three-year re-General as President was chosen. Hopefully, in this process the real agenda and Turkey are confronted . past 6 months no issues Turkey's real agenda is not. Yesterday Mr. Kamala and Mr. Erbakan guys on this topic have stopped. Turkey's virtual agenda linger , that the real agenda away from the conviction that occurred , \"he now spoke up:
\"then the next presidential election and next year's our goal for the general elections which will endeavor to put in power .
was, that attracts our interest . After the local elections, our party received 2.8, a small percentage of votes in the effort became obvious to ignore . However, we saw that the Felicity Party was a political party that will not disappear . This conviction made ​​yesterday were crowded gym . Except for us if we look at the perception of trying to show us a small hall was supposed to be stuffed . In Turkey from all over the hall were filled . All anyone at Fatih guys get congratulated our president Dear General . Congress went back to performing our city . After the March 30 elections in our work we'where were we?'Saying the presidential election and will use our best efforts for the general election . \"

Felicity Party Kayseri Provincial President Mahmoud reas:" comments for.


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