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  • 27 Aralık 2013, Cuma 18:19

Fenerbahce, Alanyaspor to do with Friendly Match

Fenerbahce, Alanyaspor to do with Friendly Match
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Spor Toto Super League during the break between the camp in Belek, Antalya, which will make the circuit Fenerbahce January 12, with a friendly match on Sunday will make Alanyaspor.

Antalya news:
Alanyaspor Genghis Aydogan Plant a press release that Alanyaspor managers Fenerbahce in Alanya will entertain happy to say they will.
Friendly match with Fenerbahce officials last year said that it takes reminding Alanyaspor Club President Hasan Cavusoglu,"Last Year From:The Alanyaspor with Fenerbahce friendly match making regarding our negotiations continued. Finally today has resulted. Allah permitting January 12 at 20.00 preparation maçımızı will do,"he said.
"We are proud"
last year, and Besiktas both Galatasaray a preparation match by the people of Alanya these teams meet, reminding that they Cavusoglu,"This year our people with Fenerbahçe will introduce. past year as well as this year a great team the best so will try to host. Today from management on these important preparations for the match will begin. proceed in recent days the ticket sale date and point of sale about the management on will make a decision. This year the stadium, our ticketing system also renewed. these in the context of our citizens ticket outlets, club and ticket office except in ticket almamalarını would ask. Recent our system fake tickets transition will not be so one is a victim in behalf of this great meeting in the club, contact us please,"he said.
Club Vice President Dilaver Hammer while at the same time Alanya's promotional enormous contribution to this will be the match of great importance that the mark had. Hammer was last year this year as a great team proud to welcome and they Fenerbahce Alanyaspor be made with preparations for the match labor due Hasan Cavusoglu thanked said.
Friendly match the bank will contribute tremendously expressing Vice President Mevlüth Cavusoglu also said:
"Alanya in January, the big teams hospitality tradition of hope This year, a new one will be added. Super league leaders Fenerbahçe on 12 January Alanya people to appear before. Such a day and a great team to guests would feel proud, as well as our club tangible and intangible contributions will be. therefore biased, unbiased all our people in this match invite. because the championship struggling Alanyasporumuz this match coming fiscal sense a will contribute. slogan, 'Everybody get a ticket, you Fenerbahçe match are coming'. Moreover, this special appearances combined will not be effective. Already this match made the biggest goal in Alanya the promotion and financial sense Alanyaspor Club is to contribute to."
who spoke last Alanyaspor Monetary Affairs, Board Member Ahmet Pasaoglu, Alanya is a great sports organization in this match labor because of President Cavusoglu by thanking all of Alanya on invited spades.

Fenerbahce, Alanyaspor to do with Friendly Match" comments for.


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