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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 09:20

Fenerbahçe Dilmen'in upset of Ridvan

Fenerbahçe Dilmen'in upset of Ridvan
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Beşiktaş-Gaziantepspor match, then NTVSpor commentator Ridvan Dilmen found interesting observations.

chance that no one at the beginning of the season did not

Besiktas to make Süperlig'te 3 3 hours"at a time"ladle into the championship. League is one of the names that do not pre-Besiktas chance Ridvan Dilmen in Beşiktaş changed his mind and the at Galatasaray and Liverpool said it was common until the championship.

Here Ridvan after the match Gaziantepspor Beşiktaş'la Dilmen'in opinions about;

"image of a team of Besiktas mature. youth and experienced in a very good fit. Assistance was weapons. Besiktas's greatest weapon assistance. yardımlaşıyorlar in offense or defense. Everybody is playing close to each other.

hand that really mattered to the team coach. team played a very good game, perhaps, but no immediate; points in this match dedirtmedi lose. gave one position throughout the match. Besiktas 3-4 years if they play together players and technical team with him in the mood. 2 minutes into the game, even if the remaining three did not play doomed. sequel to the game do not fall and put them on. disciplined play and solidarity. This disturb the opponent. Beşiktaş'la I can tell you this about the third consecutive time. these things so important that, gives great confidence to the team. Kenetlenmişlik, the ability to coach, management, policy, transfer policy. has a serious ORGANIZATION.

Galatasaray football not seen the best yet. Fenerbahce have not seen the outside of this week. played 27 matches so far would be champions Besiktas say that they follow. How to say it Galatasaray 2 years .''

Fenerbahçe Dilmen'in upset of Ridvan" comments for.


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