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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 15:11

Fenerbahce Hard Description

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Fenerbahce Club , has released a scathing critic of the sports talk shows .

İstanbul news: Photo Yellow-blue in a statement released from the club's website , \"the Turkish sports , especially the Turkish criminal acts of LEVEL publications and programs related to football and work on turning the rhetoric has become necessary to make this statement. We want to indicate to the First of the advent of the Turkish football this point towards achieving the level and success rid can and deserve aware that we loaded a number of duties and responsibilities and are aware . the point we wish to know , however, the Turkish football is our commitment towards the termination of experienced quality and level of erosion . biased broadcasting and video distribution criteria in football and wrong attitudes and savings Faced with this situation is the cause can not be expected never complacent and remain unresponsive to the Fenerbahçe Sports Club and should not be expected , \"said. in continuation of Photo Fenerbahce Club, said,\"in the past Turkish football as an individual , although he had served national and international no big success and even although it is not even their own design to Turkish football football history to Antiochus hadsizlig gossip and those who want to place the immorality seviyesizlik environment and culture under the magazine's name is being closely monitored by us . This former coach , referee, announcer or journalist menfaatdar of social , political and economic cyclical changes in full compliance posture and Turkish customs and attitudes contrary to all tradition is known to the public. Settled like a virus Turkish football while earning millions of dollars from one side of the group , on the other hand the pain and supporters who made their living in difficulties feeding the chaos they create in Turkish football agitating against each other , to intervene as soon as possible of our state competent authority is the greatest service that can be made on behalf of Turkish football. However, the club presidents , managers, footballers ; Briefly we can avoid giving too rigid and stable responses through the use of its publications by our club if it is going to say and publications that contain all kinds of insults and seviyesizlik all values ​​of Turkish football, we share with all the public \"expressions were used .

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