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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 17:02

Fenerbahce , Karate National Takımı'yl Related Description

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Fenerbahce, who were camped in Düzce Heel Plateau Karate National Team attacked a group of plants has made a statement on the club .

İstanbul news:
Yellow-blue team's official web site on the issue in a statement , \"Today, in print and some web sites , Karate National Team Düzce Heel Plateau Facilities fired from the direction of hoaxes take place on the disclosure requirements is born. News as reflected in Karate National Team players of any physical intervention and our facilities like throwing the case is not . derby match to watch , Karate National Team a room allocation , but few athletes match the plant staying in Liverpool between supporters followed and an athlete goals after our supporters to drive for the abusive rhetoric has made . Supporter of our response to the controversy over the plant managers and staff of the intervention and with common sense growth was terminated. however the match after the end of the fans and is one of an athlete again between a quarrel occurred , then the national team officials, their property by managers despite all the suggestions made ​​from the plant to leave voluntarily wanted . Thereupon the national team officials by means of their own facilities with their own vehicles , vehicles belonging to our non-athletes of the facility has been allocated a vehicle and Karate National Team in Düzce are provided transport to another hotel . As to the false and biased news on the subject from the public are kindly requested not to be \"the statement said .

Fenerbahce , Karate National Takımı'yl Related Description" comments for.


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