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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 17:51

Fenerbahce visit to the mausoleum Association of Usa

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Fenerbahce USA Association, visited the Mausoleum of Ataturk and scope November 10 Atatürk Commemoration Week.

Ankara news: Photo from Fenerbahce from Turkey USA Association of America , made his first visit to Ankara Fenerbahçeliler Association. Then before leaving Fenerbahce USA Association Ata was accompanied by Ankara Association of Fenerbahçe . Photo Fenerbahce USA Association President Omar Ekinci and his mausoleum Lion arrived on foot from the road. Fenerbahçe Vice Chairman of the Association of USA Cuneyt Gurkan, mausoleum on red and white carnations in the \"Fenerbahce USA\"written wreath left . After the silence delegation souvenir photo taken in the Mausoleum of stairs.
Then Misak-i Milli Tower, the delegation on behalf of Fenerbahce USA Financial Fundraising Fatih rivers, the Mausoleum by signing the Special Book, wrote:Photo \"My dear ancestors, powered by your light in the year 76 of the separation, believing wholeheartedly to you and your revolution Fenerbahce in the USA Association family we huzurunuzd again. when we arrived all our Vat to offer our you with gratitude and in front of the immortal work we bring you once again longing rather than at our main task is to commemorate . Remove from darkness to light that our country , which brought to our contemporary society will not change your way of life eternal place in our hearts as our leader . we who love, respect and will continue to increase our faith. \"

Fenerbahce visit to the mausoleum Association of Usa" comments for.


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