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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 22:28

Fethiyespor-was installed in 1461 Trabzona 1-1

Fethiyespor-was installed in 1461 Trabzona 1-1
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Sports Betting at 2.Liga Fethiyespor competitions , with 1461 Trabzon was a 1-1 draw in their field .

Muğla news:
STATE:Fethiye City
REFEREES:Matthew Hope is Melee (xx ), Emre Aja (xx ) , Emiray Eray Eyisoy (xx)
FETHİYESPOR:Taylor Aydogan (xx) , Sabri Turgut ( xx) Serkan Sahin ( xx) (min. 64th Niyazi x ) , Serkan Dogan (xx) , John Scott (xx) , Cenk ÖZBEY (xxx) , Selcuk Works (xx) , Tunay Acar (xx) , Haluk Zeybek (xx) ( min . 59th Hüseyin Öztürk xx) , Aytac Sea ( xx) (min. 84th Mizgin x ), Emre readers (xx) ,
1461 Trabzon: Kublai Anteplioglu (xx) , Oktay Demircan ( xx) Oğulcan Gökce (xx) , Hasan Batuhan (xx ), Mert Erdogan ( xx) (min. 75th Posting x) , Alihan Tunçer (xx ), Atilla Aybars (xx) ( dk.89 honor x ) , Aytac Ak ( xx) ( Ozkan dk.46 Free x ) , War Yilmaz (xx) , Vehbi Furqan (xx) , Okan Yilmaz (x)
Yellow card:Cenk ÖZBEY (min. 15), Serkan Sahin ( dk.38 ) Selcuk Works , ( dk.63 ) , Aytac ( 80 min ) Fethiyespor , Aytac Ak ( dk.24 ) , Oktay Demircan (min. 63) 1461 Trabzon
Goals:Atilla Aybars ( Dk.17 ) 1461 Trabzon , Emre Reads (min. 25) Fethiyespor
SPORTS TOTO 2.Liga müsabakasında Fethiyespor their own in the field 1461 Trabzon with was a 1-1 draw .
Fethiyespor coach Beyhan Hardworking the penalty due from the stands give instructions about a thousand people watched the match . Fethiye Mayor Behçet's Saatıc , the garrison commander Faruk Akinci, Akpart district Mayor Kadir Saruhan and fethiyesporl administrators followed the match and the home team Ahmet Trust, Sinan Turan and Ugur in the squad did not take . Guest team with the injured Hasan Ahmet Sari did not take place in the squad . The minutes of the match stadium lights at least 3 minutes of matches stopped thinking . minutes of the match when entering the right penalty area centered Tunay minutes . Aytaç head struck the ball went out from the top .
13th minute alihi entered the penalty area from the left . Goalkeeper taylor NEW drew on a pass ball rolled under . Atilla boom touched the ball in the idle state fetiyesp defense took the ball from the line . merdin per minute from a free kick which keeper Taylor rose along with teammate warrant reads . Taylor fell to the ground while holding the ball at that closely Aybars releasing the ball from his hands sent the ball into the net . You EIB Fethiyesporl football goal keeper fouled yaptıgıg this for a long time , protested on the grounds . 0-1 However, the decision has not changed .
25th-minute penalty area Serkan was born right in the center scuffle turned the ball hit the crossbar . Emre heads the ball into the net left reads . 1-1
war in the 37th minute left-wing cross in the penalty area the ball was hit hard . I stayed at the top of the network .
Closed the first half 1-1 . arrows per minute you pass the EIB castle defense despite the hit . I went out of the top .
Minutes into the game in the second half of Hussein outside the penalty area which was hit very hard . The ball went out of hand . per minute Aybars entered the penalty area from the right . Ball centered on the penalty spot . Competent available in case the ball popped out of the top .
The ball in the penalty area in the 85th minute when placing the order reads a kick ball was sent to the castle . Goalkeeper kubila Oğulcan last ball was out of line .
Absence of other goals Within minutes, scoring from both teams left the field .


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