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  • 28 Ekim 2013, Pazartesi 17:01

Fethullah Gulen important reminder

Fethullah Gulen important reminder
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Gülen explained the vital importance of self-renewal for the believer.

Effendi, the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) advice to the faithful companions of the Prophet Abu Zer'e hatırlattı.Bu manifesto said that the recommendation.

Gülen, published on the website of Hercules"devotee Manifesto entitled"conversation with the latest Bamteli explained the importance of continuous self-renewal. Almighty God, the Prophets and the continuous tajdid doing some great saints expressed.

Gülen:Sticky Thread"people themselves constantly the renovations, emotion and thought to play formats, according to their ages truths zaviye a different look every day,"Hey I like that too did not understand this truth. I mean, it had a different depth to say"through continuous tajdid. Anbiya-t izÂmla Allah (CC) within the framework of the prophet have always tajdid."

Derya very deep sefineyle yüzülmez each, where each sail yüzülmez. Once Revise more. Aman zinhÂr not fault. sunk, the choke. passed away how painful way to drown! drown in the way of Heaven What a pity!"God is saying,"What a pity drown starting out on the road!"

Muslim mother's womb, youth, old age, tomb, berzahtan, its long road to heaven hereafter sırattan fully take azığını.

Effendi:Sticky Thread"Buy Azığını precisely because it is way too long. Zad-whether it's the way u rations. believe, whether you want to monotheism, worship-u want obedience. obedience that you do here on the way of worship-ü azıktır for you."

who have failed to light the burden of the world and those who are not sincere will remain stuck at one point.

Gülen:Sticky Thread"holler under the burden of the world climb the hill. stays in place. exit, you can not go the peak you want. can not get to where you want to reach. the weight of the burden for the sake of the world where it is installed so you do not lose it. attached you stay on the right track. His burden light for the world to hold it. account get lighter. Sual get lighter. things to ask you crush under the mold."

next engellemelerse friend from foe, but faith in God to overcome again.

Reverend Effendi:Sticky Thread Sticky Thread"can waylay the enemy, friendly trip, wear, hand-in-nape of jealousy may find people who are close to. All of these metaphysical tension constant in the face you're not, you're not oversaturated, if you are not mature, if zikrullahla satisfaction ermemişsen everything bihakkın as you see, hakkalyakin not taking the issue on the horizon, one of them, even after switching to one another, hang out."

Fethullah Gulen important reminder" comments for.


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