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  • 30 Ekim 2013, Çarşamba 12:58

Fethullah Gulen is very important considerations

Fethullah Gulen is very important considerations
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Fethullah Gulen published in this week's chat Herkülnağme

Fethullah Gulen Reverend

released the latest hasbihal site."382 Tune:Arrhythmia and solve problems in the society of style"chat Effendi given the title of the Marmaray project, also praised.

Here is a description of conversation posted on the site:

Dear friends,

' Sena u get a endless praise that, after a lapse of ten days from today, Reverend Gülen guest house where we were making a great shot that went into building the mosque and Bamteli/lounge once again overwhelmed with chat-i Canan.

Effendi Asr prayer before the blood pressure and heart beat checked kılınmaz overridden, the values ​​Muazzez normal when our teacher began hasbihal the arrhythmia has its own pulse of the community movement.

Ziya Pasha,"Bil mudavata indecency after sickness hair/Do you think any ointment cure all wounds!"said Effendi reminded, at first it is very good to diagnose the problems of society, and then the language should be focusing on the most appropriate treatment brought. Continuation of the couplet mentions"the marijuana-I expect it discovers derunun/you everyone blind fool would think realm?"Were called to identify if the treatment process by drawing attention to the opinion of others' concerns and the need to give the value, he said.

Sometimes big problems can give birth to a very important positive consequences as well, for it is very accurate reading of events, and to act with care in the spirit of a serious mülayemet stated that the exhibition of precious our teacher, once again spoke on the issue of style. Rasul-Akram Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and Müseylemetü'l-kezzabın Hudeybiye'deki attitudes toward the application has expounded the matter by samplers, dedicated to the souls of humanity marching towards the Table of Honor"positive action"emphasized that the skin should never give up .

feelings of pessimism and not to look at matters from the requirement that only one of said sides Effendi, positive changes in direction that is not very easy/not, and even the restoration of damage could not ease the difficulty of the repair price first from instrumental more time in comparison to a more serious effort dillendirdi might like. In this regard the Prophet tembihlerini master '"For centuries, the castle repair of a duty to rehnedar."He noktalayan our teacher, reminded me of the truth of the following statements:

Service-i expected imaniyeden the result would not be reached in one-to-one; homeland, nation, religion and faith, set forth the name of such a service life of several generations, but vâbestedir should come to fruition. Almighty God, to walk Başağa a seed, chick egg to turn into a divine morality, even weeks or older and trained in this regard has commanded us. Return to the essence of a nation, the masses turn to human values, the ideal man, the ideal and the ideal society, the growth of generation every few months, a few years ago is not something that may be. Most of mankind Mükemmeli'nin (alayhi ekmelü't-tehâyâ) congregation in a custom-made hand shaped and even if Qur'an is the miracle of the formation of a new type of humanity and peace of mind the maturation of society, but it was only twenty-three years. If such an issue if the birth has been twenty-three years, his"ba's third ba'de'l-mevt"I also evaluated in this perspective, and should not be entered acûliyete kat'iyen this subject.

Poet Ashraf"even if it does not improve Damaged Mahdi/amr-i-breeding of this property was Divine Almighty."couplet, and the earth, which acknowledges the inner crises, depression, anguish groaning Sultan 3 inzimam Mustafa"Yıkılıpdur do not think that we will improve the universe/state public çarh-I gave denim junkie/Now browsing ebvâb-I always travesty of happiness/Our business had mercy-i lemyezele heman! .."(The whole world crashing down, our country will improve do you think? Unfortunately, misfortunes wheel, lowered the destiny of the country haysiyetsizlerin hands. know, the nation relies on the doors of the apartments even şaklabanlar visiting to look for and deserve. Under such circumstances, the Infinite Mercy, mercy stayed only hope of salvation! ..) continent (in their own the sense of the times) Effendi voice, the voice of pessimism is one aspect of these statements, the believer should never fall into despair, and especially who rely on the mercy Sonsuz'a ye'se kat'iyen said that the need should resist this temptation.

Chat Marmaray the opening of the Gülen honorable mention will also be appreciated,"religion insaftır half, one half of a heart religion. Need to be fair. The right to accept the truth, the truth, and I applaud the people who realize the need to inspire aşklandırmak. Everything, even a small positive people applaud and encourage it to do the job, should prompt to do so much more."He said.

people do not like being questioned, and the number of people there is very little criticism hazmedebilecek reminding our teacher, should not serve as the hit came face issues, even while others even offer a nice sense of the project into account by adding it to a different one if necessary hand/right dilliyle just being put forward, and so I always found its supreme emphasis on the need to keep.

close this broad

dedicated souls at the end of the conversation, and that their service activities Effendi, an understanding of the value of labor and capital to the present day, but you're still corresponds to what dedication and sacrifice be known well as the virtues, the services of a great devotion to a person in the spirit of the people who cihana or to the group of goods and disrespect towards God, as well as the efforts made and the cruelty and injustice that is ceht fedakârların, done a sole proprietorship, a genius, a FIRASET a kiyaset and in a sense to a fetanete goods deemed to shirk, this subject Husn-u membrane and is"not the occasion to give the results"of those who would be made ijtihad error values, but the service is always flattering and favor that kind of worship act and certainly disown şuuruyla should be voiced.

chat with us once more worshipful atmosphere of the grace of our teacher that mandates the endless praise Allaah sena percent noted a few hours before the 39:37 minute audio and image files into the truths of this exquisite offering.

istirhamıyla prayers ...

Fethullah Gulen is very important considerations" comments for.


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