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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 13:10

Field trip to Spirit Quits

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The first name of Ali Ismail Korkmaz beaten to death during a trip to the resistance of the second year's football tournament is organized with the support this past year Konak Municipality .

İzmir news: The solidarity Football, unifying and the tournament was implemented to demonstrate the collective aspect , students and as well as the supporters group just taking up space in the team of actresses . On behalf of Photo Trips actions during Korkmaz beaten to death 19-year-old Ali Ismail in Eskisehir made ​​the first of last year football the second draw of the tournament Konak Municipality Prof. Dr. Türkan Alsancak Saylor was a ceremony Cultural Arts Center . \"Hope to outrun the horse \"slogan this year November 1 to 16 between the side of the tournament draw ceremony of the team representatives will be held as well Konak Mayor Sema Pekdaş also attended. Photo TRIP'< strong> DE LOSS who REMEMBERED < br/> Travel speaking at the ceremony began with a minute's silence during resistance to those who lost their lives Konak Mayor Sema Pekdaş expressed their happiness than to contribute to the second tournament this year. Ali Ismail Korkmaz and Trips resistance during the life of the losers once again commemorate Pekdaş , \"Unfortunately, our values ​​between gears of the capitalist system öğütülüy . Lying is very important, was released as permissible. Everything was set up on the win too . \"You win as long , you lose your value is not important'the statement said . we need them against the resistance. our humanity , our values ​​, ethics we need to remember , \"he said .
vALUES you fORGET Photo \"Father About on , Metin Oktay be forgotten , \"said Pekdaş Metin Oktay , where the droplet begins to football , he said the mansion district who wish to destroy the tunnels on the grounds of the mansion . President Pekdaş , \"We did this so as not to forget also Metin Oktay saying you have no droplets .'Droplet he got a place here note , do not forget ,'he said . They forget us to everything. Forget we have not plundered , money to the money it is very easy for adding . We can also arrange access to this tournament not to forget our values ​​. Let's put our hearts , let's put our contribution , \"he said . Pekdaş then pulled the draw of the tournament's opening match . Photo GENDER DISCRIMINATION NO older than
Young, while the favorite of the tournament Travel resistance organization that aims to show that not just about the competition football every sector of society to maintain the names of those killed hedefleniyor.1-16 tournament will be held between November will be charged from the participants. Specified field in matches in the tournament will struggle will be played between the teams will consist of 6 people 6 p.m. to 22:00 pm. In addition to the team and the supporters group formed by students as just taking part in the tournament team of actresses . Held from 1 to 16 November 2014 the first tournament champion CHP Botanica Youth Wing was completed .


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