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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 12:49

Find a Job Vacancies at his time was

Find a Job Vacancies at his time was
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Setup Mugla Directorate of Labour and Employment , job seekers looking for work instead of to the Provincial Directorate of citizens going to their feet .

Muğla news: Provincial Director of Elijah Sarıyer District Governer's Office also participated and district opened in Contact Tables through job-seekers to their feet, they went unveiled .
-Kur Muğla Provincial Director of Elijah Sarıyer the first time in Turkey implemented the dialog table is exemplary , said:\"Our citizens foot by going to we are informing . town center after the rural dwellers from citizens in line with demand in the districts communication tables set up , \"he said .
Business and professional consultants in the field working with the portfolio expanding voicing City Manager Sarıyer \"This way of doing business in our capacity we are expanding . Contact the table , especially university students show great interest . university studying in secondary education in the students'demands , particularly caught our attention . Normally our students , our institution can not serve , but the second instruction to those covered services are , \"he said .
in Milas, they open the Contacts table Governor Fuat Gurel visiting with Sarıyer , business application to make the Hatice Pasture by a woman named job applicants fill out the form immediately after the business and professional consultants by the business owner made ​​, said:\"job seekers citizens stand to go to the most important benefit of business and professional consultants with a more effective interview is being done . The best example of this, we lived in Milas . Our lady friend who apply for a job , business and professional work by our consultants immediately found in the basement , \"he said .

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