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  • 25 Haziran 2014, Çarşamba 16:53

Fire Drill at Gazipasa Airport

Fire Drill at Gazipasa Airport
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Gazipasa Airport in exercises conducted on a representative body above the landing runway and the runway until the beginning of the runway after arriving Taking a plane that caught fire fighting and rescue exercise was wounded on board .

Antalya news: Exercise TAV Gazipasa Operations Coordinator Manager Cengiz has Asikli management and administration . With the tower at the airport's fire alarm and medical teams, reached the area in a short time . While fighting efforts , Airport Police and security guards, security strip created around the area . Fire under control after the injured passengers were removed from the scene and was taken to hospital in ambulances waiting . Do not result in the fact that following administration of the exercise, then Governor Muhittin Gazipasa cotton, has congratulated the team involved in the exercise . TAV Gazipasa Manager Cengiz Asikli Operations Coordinator , said in a statement after the exercise , in the year of exercise is done consistently hot and fever-free for 12 months continuous training of fire service personnel and passed said. Possible time in the event of an accident , emphasizing that it is very important Asikli , in such cases , he said people should contest time . Following administration of Gazipasa the Governor Muhittin Cotton , Gazipasa Airport is ready for all kinds of emergencies , he said. Cotton, \"Gazipasa Airport all kinds exceptional condition and especially against fire ready if we were to identify and preparations in order to see this administration did. Moreover airport outside Gazipasa municipal fire brigade and other units in this exercise have participated . Coordination in order to provide for us güzsel was a practice . Tatbikatı'na we successfully took place. at this point the administration involved in the whole team congratulate and thank you. equipment and staff training all adversities ready our infrastructure is Gazipasa Airport all kinds of exceptional conditions we were ready to have seen . \"said. Cotton, taking part in the exercises at the end of the exercise, has congratulated the team .


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