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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 13:11

Fire Drill in Elazığ Airport

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In a fire drill held in Elazığ Airport , the aircraft suffered a fire in a crash scenario should , quenched by the intervention of the Airports Authority Fire and Rescue Station team.

Elazığ news: Photo fire drill was held in Elazığ Airport . The script called for aircraft suffered a genocide and a fire broke out . Airports Authority Fire and Rescue Fire Station 5 car teams and 16 staff intervention meat within 3 minutes . The ethics of intervention staff first fire was then intervene with a new vehicle from 8x8 volcanoes and fire trucks . Was quenched by controlling the fire soon .
The exposure-related information that Airport Arff Officer Serkan Yigit, \"This we organize every year our drill. A year at a time to increase their experience of our staff with fiery fire drills and soon intervene in any possible plane crash carnage we do it to . we're 16 staff and 5 water foam system tool on our 24-hour duty at the airport in Elazığ. Today we made fiery fire drill. at the airport in the scenario of our exercise we performed a plane crash carnage scenarios that may occur. in our teams to intervene within 3 minutes , the control of fire they finish by preventing the lower and growth of the event below , \"he said . Photo Elazığ Airport to end the 8x8 volcano giving information about the vehicle Valiant, \"This means our 20-ton water capacity , is equipped with 2 tons of foam and the dry chemical powder at 500 kilograms. a everything you need to extinguish the air is collected in a single instrument , \"he said . Photo Exercise Elazig Deputy Governor of the heavens and the manager responsible for the airport Zechariah also followed.

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