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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 17:02

Fire fear in Alanya

Fire fear in Alanya
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Close to the residential area in the district of Alanya, Antalya and scrub fires in agriculture has caused panic .

Antalya news: The growing influence of the wind and flames coming up in the garden of a villa , air and land intervention was controlled with difficulty .
Kargıcak neighborhood located Dalkılıç fire broke out at about 11.00 in the agricultural field . Under the influence of strong winds, the flames soon banana garden, greenhouse and field jumped to scrub . Environment for the occupants to notify the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Alanya Fire Brigade belonging to 10 sprinklers, 30 staff and Alanya Forest Management Directorate's five sprinklers were shipped.
VILLA burning was saved
with the wind flames spread to a wide range of threatened settlements . Meanwhile, the team came to the scene around the gendarmerie took security measures . Land became insufficient intervention of a fire-fighting helicopter was dispatched to the scene . Growing up in flames in the garden of a villa in advance . Cumshot the intervention villas burning
at the last moment were rescued.
FLAMES SETTLEMENTS approached them
scene from the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Alanya Fire Director Mehmet oral region last night in a minor but that was on fire and quickly extinguished a fire this morning, the second exit at the same location , he said. In a short time the growing fire of the air and land interventions under control , indicating that the oral , \"Fire a very large area to be spread for the control bit was difficult . Alevi houses too close to come up but extinguished. Cooling operation is done. Night, the fire might be relevant , but information as to why yet could not be reached , \"he said . Greenhouse , where pine trees and banana plantations of 100 acres of agricultural and scrub the area were damaged in the fire .

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