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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 19:15

Fire in two places in Manavgat

Fire in two places in Manavgat
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Manavgat and Alanya on the D-400 highway Kızılot fire broke out in the garden of an old school in the neighborhood .

Antalya news: Roadside high voltage power line cables severe with the wind in the trees worth as a result of the alleged fire tree with reeds jumped .
Fire located near the resort's living in the tourists of the fire site splashing against the possibility in fear site on the door , while some tourists their faces with towels closing smoke affected by tried .
Antalya Metropolitan Municipality firefighters result of the intervention in the fire spread in the environment from the söndürülürken roadside samphire trees , as well as school gardens in a job with the camera and water pipes in the fire damaged.
in Manavgat second fire the Manavgat Forest Management Directorate of Operations equally depends on the Manavgat district Blacksmiths THERMAL occurred in the locality . Agricultural areas , starting from the surrounding scrub and woodland covering an area of ​​fires , Forest Management Directorate sprinklers result of the intervention in a short time was under control.
Fire at the scene of the work of extinguishing the following Manavgat Forest Management Director Ismail Hacıoğlu, Meteorology from information based in Antalya on Monday evening hours until the strong winds would be effective , said:\"Today's fire land incineration outcomes, we estimate that . our citizens , especially in windy weather stubble and field cleaning purposes combustion process do want them to . Possible fire for fire fighters market our permission to have removed . Our teams each case the trigger will wait \"he said.

Fire in two places in Manavgat" comments for.


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